Thursday, December 21, 2006


I didn't bring my digicam at school that's why i don't have photos to post. But it's just fine, after all, I have memories to keep, gifts to open, and my friends' photos to steal. Mwahahaha!

Our christmas party was crazy and fun! Too bad, not everyone in our class attended. Even so, my fun-loving classmates managed to make the party rock with their singing prowess and their unique games and ideas. Sir opiniano was also there. His presence added more bang to the party since he gave out a whopping 200php as cash price for the last game. Unfortunately, djhay and i lost in that particular game where the cash price was at stake, but at least we had fun naman.

That day, we also revealed kung sino ang nabunot ng isa't-isa. Yung nakabunot sa akin, mejo hindi na surprise kasi naririnig ko na rin from my friends na possible na si djhay ang nakabunot sa akin. Ayun. I handed my gift to arene, and fortunately, she liked the necklace. mahaba-habang deliberation din ang pinagdaanan namin ni madie bago ko nabili ng gift si arene eh. hehehe! As for my gift from djhay, alam ko na rin kung ano. hehehe. eh kasi naman, sinabi na nya sa akin! wahaha.

After the christmas party, we headed out to watch the fireworks display. It was quite a sight. kaso mabilis lang and hindi ganun kadami yung effects unlike sa world pyro olympics na todo effects and everything. Pero okay na rin. masaya naman panuorin eh. Mejo epal lang yung mga puno na nakaharang. hehehe!

naglatag lang kami ng newspapers so that we could sit on the ground and enjoy the cool evening breeze. Habang nakaupo kami sa field, nataong dumating si sir opiniano. He sat with us at nakipaglokohan pa. He's so jolly. Parang hindi prof. Nakakatuwa.

We left early, but not that early to catch the last trip of the LRT. Sadly, mahaba-habang byahe ang tinahak namin bago nakauwi. Nakakapagod kapag walang LRT. hhaayy.

ayun. yun lang. BOW!

I Miss You!

It has only been almost three weeks since I gave him the letter and yet it feels like I have been away from him for forever. I’m missing him so much.


I am missing a lot of things about him. I miss our ring. I miss telling him how much I love him. I miss his warm akbay on my shoulders. I miss the way he holds my waist while walking. I miss our boring conversations. I miss our long exchange of messages at night. I miss the way he teases me about how tabachay I am. I miss the way he drags me to some place. I miss walking with him by my side. I miss texting him that I am already home. I miss eating with him. I miss staring at him. I miss the way he asks me to kiss him but as much i want to, i DON'T. I miss HIM. I miss everything about him.


But I guess I’ll just have to wait.

Kung kami, kami talaga.

Saturday, December 16, 2006


it pays to be masipag. it's very unfortunate of me that i wasn't born masipag. isa akong dakilang tamad, and i suffer every small detail of the consequences reaped for being lazy. perhaps, i'd be able to receive the most number of awards for being unproductive.

my laziness is one trial in life i have to overcome. actually, that's one trial i have been trying to overcome for the longest time but still, i'm not able to succeed. but i must say, this week, i was able to finish every required reading. yun nga lang, umaga na ako natatapos at natutulog. then again, it's a very minute sign of improvement and it's not that bad after all. after this entry, i am planning to do two assignments--read the RES MF handouts and ba able to finish the assignment in Layout and copy reading.

another trial: my mom's away. she went home to iloilo to attend the funeral of her brother. during our conversation a while ago, she told me that the only available flight is on the 24th, meaning, she won't be back until a week or so. Considering that, it makes me worry because the allowance and the groceries and the food she left US might not be enough to suffice OUR unexpected longer days without her. akala kasi namin, she'll be back after sunday. yun pala, sa susunod na sunday pa ang balik nya. i'm also worried about the preparation of our noche buena. i'm no good at the kitchen. and only my mom can cook sumptuous meals for christmas kaya wish ko talaga na dumating sya ng maaga para there would still be time para makapaghanda kami.

another trial is our rocky financial status. it has always been like this, kaya nasasanay na rin ako na hindi napagbibigyan ang material wants ko. naiintindihan ko naman ang parents ko eh. kaya kapag wala na talaga ako magawa to convince them, iniiyak ko na lang. that's life eh. i've already accepted the fact that my parents won't prioritize our WANTS, instead, uunahin nila ang mga importanteng PANGANGAILANGAN namin. i've come to live by that thought kaya sanay na akong ganito lang ang lifestyle namin. somehow, masaya na rin naman sya.

you might think that my predicaments, which i consider trials [just for dramatic effect], are pretty simple and petty. i just want to stress out that everyone of us experiences trials--trials which are given by God because he knows that those will hone our abilities as persons; that those will make us better persons.

i don't really know how to console a person experienceing difficult trials. when my mom knew about the death of papa manong [that's how we call her brother], she shed tears and the only thing i did was HUG her tight.

nobody hugs me tight when i'm sad and tried by God, but i'm willing to hug and listen to friends who think that they are alone.

kaya nyo yan guys.

Saturday, December 2, 2006


"All i need is for one guy, just one guy, to be man enough to prove me that they aren't all the same."

i sent that quote to my HS friends. Surprisingly, one of them replied,

"That guy is none other than Jesus. gudnyt!"

Thursday, November 30, 2006


I am really dead tired right now. I really have to sleep kaso ang daming laman ng utak ko kaya hindi rin naman ako makakatulog.

Unang-una, the grades I have been receiving so far are very poor. Kasalanan ko rin naman talaga dahil hindi ako nageexert ng maraming effort. Nakakalungkot lang. Feeling ko napakasamang start nun for this sem. Ang tamad-tamad ko kasi, nakakainis! Wala akong makita ni isang motivation para maging determined sa pag-aaral. Haay. What is wrong with me? Napakasaklap ko kapag ganito ang condition ko.

Pangalawa, hindi ko na maintindihan ang relationship ko with djhay. Nalulungkot na talaga ako ng sobra that I almost did not enjoy the star city experience. Buti na lang I have friends like judy and madie. They never left my side. Haay. I really felt like crying last night habang nakikipagkwentuhan kay judy pero naisip ko, bakit ko naman kailangan iyakan ang isang taong wala namang pakialam sa akin. Oh well, ganun talaga ang buhay. Baka I am not meant to be appreciated and cared for. Wahaha! Pucha!

I guess it’s time na talaga para sundin ko ang payo ng aking mga kaibigan. Narealize ko kasi, masyado na akong kawawa. The least I want right now is someone who will take me for granted. Haayy. Napakalungkot naman. Kung alam ko lang na ganito ang kahihinatnan ko, hindi ko na sana hinyaan ang sarili ko magfall ng tuluyan sa kanya. Haayy. Sa ngayon, ang tanging nasa isip ko ay bigyan ang mga sarili namin ng panahon para makapag-isip. Kapag sa dec. 3, hindi pa kami okay, sasabihin kong magcool off muna kami para mapag-isipan nya kung may halaga ba talaga ako for him. Ako naman, pag-iisipan ko kung kakayanin ko pa ba magtiis in case ituloy pa naming yun relationship. Hindi rin kasi biro yung pain na nararamdaman ko. Samantalang siya, he is so free to do whatever he wants without considering me and my feelings. Mahirap kasi magka-boyfriend na umaastang walang girlfriend.

Napakasaklap maging malungkot.

Daddy: Naku anak, wag na wag ka papayag saktan ni delfin. Aba, ikaw yata ang prinsesa ko, walang dapat manakit sa feelings mo.

Dez: opo daddy.


Thursday, October 26, 2006

so how do i make a sem - ender?

i guess, i have to, first of all, agree with my blockmates who related the previous sem to a rollercoaster ride. but after having seen the grades, i must say, that rollercoaster ride was worth all the guts and perseverance, and endurance. congrats sa mga dean's listers. hehe!

final exams
it was hard for me. i felt very alienated when i saw/heard the questions. parang wala ako masasagot, ganun ako ka-engot nung time na yun! hehe. pero i'm glad ok naman yung grades ko, although hindi naman tlga ganun ka-okay. i know kasi i could do better. eh kaso naunahan ako ng katamaran eh. wahaha! okay lang. ;p

markstrat presentation
this was harder for me, as well as for my group. hehe. we [fadz, kristine, shelly and i] had a sleepless sleep over at shelly's place. we drank mocha frappes to keep us awake. we shared ghost stories to, i don't really know, maybe just awaken our spirits. hehe! we rushed our lunch. we waited for almost 8 hours. we found out in the end that our presentation went out of boud because our perception of "products competitors" is W_R_O_N_G. but it's really fine. nkakapagod lang talaga. masaya naman ako with my group's performance. nag-enjoy talaga ako with all of them.

this three-day seminar is really tiring. pero masayang-masaya naman. aside from the numerous lessons and tips and trivias and chismax i learned, it was really fun. i had fun with my friends. hehe. we took a lot of pictures. you can view them at my multiply site, kaso hindi lahat ng pics uploaded. hehe! ayun. what else can i say? hhmmm.. we had maria ressa, former CNN Jakarta correspondent, now ABS_CBN's secret weapon to a superb news department, as keynote speaker. maam chari villa was also a speaker. she's so cool. hehe! wala lang. i can't remember all of the speakers eh.. im too sleepy and too lazy to check my inkblots kit. basta, masaya yung seminar! yun lang!

our birthdays
i'm really really naaaliw with this trivia so wala ako pakialam kahit paulit-ulit kong kinikwento sa friends ko. hehe! ganito yan.. we are four in the family and all of us are octoberians. what's more ineresting is, sunud-sunod yung birthdates namin. dad's bday is on the 12th, mom's is on the 13th, my sister's is on the 14th, and mine is on the 25th. hehe! wala lang. in addition to that, my lola's bday is on the 11th and my aunt's is on the 28th. hehe. la lang!

my birthday
my birthday is extra special. thanks to a few people who exerted their efforts, i really really appreciated it. first, there was clarabelle who greeted me a day in advance. then, there was madelaine who shared her 15pesos just for me to be able to avail a one-day unlimitxt promo. then, there were, romar, tope and terry who called me last night. ang cute nga nila eh. nagsleep over sila at terry's place for no reason at all. niloloko pa nila ako. lalo na si romar na kung anu-ano ang pinagsasabi at ayaw pa ako patulugin. hehe. but it was fun talking to them. tapos, nung 12 oclock na, my fone beeped endlessly [medyo exaggerated?!]. i kept receiving messages from friends. hehe! now i'm wondering, do they really stay up late para mabati ako on time? hehe. effort yun ha?! salamat naman sa inyong lahat! ;p then, i slept at one. at around 6, nagising ako, binati ako ng mom ko then, we hugged each other. magkatabi kami kagabi kasi the three of us decided to sleep sa living room, bonding lang.

then, there was, of course, my tabachoy. i woke up receiving anonymous messages. ang nakakatouch dun, those anonymous messages came from djhay's friends. hehe. nag-abala talaga sila just to greet me. maraming salamat sa kanila! si melai and lawrence lang ang nagsabi ng name, so salamat sa inyo! hehehe. tapos, nagpunta kami ng mom ko sa bank tapos, pumunta na ako school. i met up with djhay. i was very late [as usual], and i was sorry [as usual]. ehehe! then, we waited for tj to arrive. e biglang umulan. nagpalipas tuloy kami sa pav ng ulan. then, we went to SM san lazaro. we ate at tokyo2, djhay's treat [samantalang ako yung may birthday?!]. hehehe! tapos, my tabachoy gave me a cake. :) yey! maraming salamat tabachoy! iloveyou! tapos, wala na, umuwi na kami.

tapos, pagkauwi ko, umalis ulit ako. i accompanied raymond to OLOPSC. sumakay kami ng motor. yipee! ang saya, although mejo nakakatakot rin. sa OLOPSC, dating school namin, marami kaming teachers na nakita. tapos, nakita rin namin si hunkable ajong na nangurot ng bilbil. hehe! tapos, after mag-inquire sa OLOPSC, we headed to raymond's place. nilutuan kasi ako ng mom nya ng maja blanca [my favorite] for my birthday, kaya kinuha namin. ang dami nga eh, 2 trays, eh 3 lang naman kami dito sa bahay. pero ok lang. ang sarap, super! the best! hehe! tapos, umuwi na kami agad dito s bahay. tapos naglaro ng lion king at nanuod ng white chicks [ulit]. tapos, nagdinner lang at umuwi na rin si raymond.

ayun, yun lang. hehe! masaya ako. salamat sa mga bumati at sa mga nagtext brigade. hehehe! i felt special. hehe! [feeler ako! oo, i know ;p]

Sunday, October 8, 2006


I have to admit,
I am losing grip.

When times like this happen to me, I wish for one thing. I wish I am Lois Lane who has a dependable superman. Just like her, I also want a superman who has two identities so that he will be able to save me and the whole human race from the pains and miseries that drown us. At the same time, he will be realistic enough to just stay by my side, hug me, comfort me, and assure me that he’ll never leave me and that everything will be alright. But for now, i'll settle for the more realistic identity.

I want a superman who will spare me from (and never cause me) any pain. I want a superman who will understand the fact that the pains I am feeling will never numb my feelings. Instead, those pains make me suffer even more especially when it happens all over again. But I am aware of the fact that pain and sorrow is inevitable, so I’ll understand if he fails at times.

I want a superman who will understand my nature. If my superman falls short of comprehending my whole being, he must, at least, know that humans get tired of understanding and enduring. He must also be aware of the fact that humans cease to be understanding of something when that something causes them so much pain.

I want a superman who will be able to show me his real self. But I also want a superman who will not hurt me (physically or emotionally) by just being himself. I want a superman who realizes that everything has a limit. I won’t expect my superman to change his character for me. I just want him to understand me so that he will know when I am hurting. All i want is for him to understand me too.

If my superman fails to do these simple and realistic things, then, I guess, that’s because I’m being too idealistic. Or perhaps I really can’t have him. Maybe, we are really not meant for each other. Maybe, we are not made for each other. After all, I am just me. I can never be like him—powerful, intelligent, optimistic, jolly, and fun to be with.

Coincidentally, Lois Lane and I are both journalists so I guess, it’s but okay to have hopes.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

indifferent me

i've been blog hopping lately and i realized how inactive i am in field of journalism. my LJ-mates are part of either TOMweb or the Journalese. Some of my exceptional classmates are part of the Varsitarian. Me? I am part of nothing. I'm a nobody in the Faculty of Arts and Letters. I don't even know why i'm here. hehehe!

i am aware that writing isn't really my first love. I'm not even sure if i really know how to write. all i know is this fact: i'm receive so-so grades from our writing profesors and so far, i haven't been given any failing grades yet. hehe! i'm not exceptional. im not the greates. i barely use look-it-up-in-the-dictionary words. i suck in spelling. i lack style. hindi ako mapulitika. i hate reading. i'm not up-to-date sa current events. isa akong epal sa industiyang ito! mwahaha!

ewan. pero despite these incapabilities of mine, masaya na rin ako dahil kahit hindi ko first love ang pagsusulat, i still manage to maintain my grades. haha! flat 1.75 lagi ang average ko, Cmon! pero sana naman ay umusad na ako kahit papaano. nyahaha!

see, i didn't even make sense in this entry :)

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Travelogue [Zambales]

“I shall return” was all that lingered in my mind as I reminisced the times when I was welcomed aboard to a wonderful world of marine life, thrilled by an exhilarating ride of a lifetime in a tiger safari, and captivated by the exquisiteness of two unique islands, in just a matter of two days, all in one spectacular place called Zambales.

The sunny Saturday morning of September 16 featured a perfect weather for our tour in Ocean Adventure located at Camayan Wharf, West Alanin Forest Area, Subic Bay Freeport Zone. On our way to the marine park, my friends and I were greeted by monkeys on the roadside. It was really an amusing sight. One of the monkeys we saw had her child clinging on her. We just had to stop the car and take pictures of the monkeys.

We reached Ocean Adventure after nearly two hours of travel. We immediately paid our tickets at the booth since we were all excited to get in the park. For as low as 450 pesos, visitors will surely have many reasons to enjoy a lifetime adventure that can only be experienced in the first and only open water marine park in Southeast Asia. For one, there was a sea lion show wherein the enormous mammals showed off their painting prowess. We were not able to catch the show but I can tell that the seals have talent for I saw their paintings in the fish-smelling sea lion show area. After the show, visitors are allowed to take pictures with the seals. Second, there was the Discovery Aquarium. The aquarium houses different kinds of fishes and corals. In here, visitors are able to explore the fascinating waters of Subic Bay and South China Sea without getting wet. We observed the natural behavior of fishes as they move around in their sanctuaries. We were enthralled with the beauty of coral reefs right before our eyes. We also learned a lot after our exploration of the aquarium. With the help of our friendly guide, Kuya Eric, we acquired more knowledge to store in our minds. Third, there was another show wherein whales and dolphins were the lead characters. The stadium was filled with an excited audience. The exact moment of entry of the whales and dolphins shook the place. Everyone was awestruck of the gracefulness of the marine creatures’ movements. Every time our friendly marine entertainers tossed and flipped their bodies in mid air, the people get wild and impressed and loud cheers were heard. Even the trainers had participated in the show. They joined the marine animals in gliding and somersaulting in the air. Their act surely gathered applauses from the amazed audience. The Whale Presentation is truly an entertaining and informative show, providing the audience the opportunity to learn about the whales, while being thrilled by their grace, agility, power, and intelligence. After the show, visitors are again, allowed to have pictures taken with the dolphins and whales. The slots for the picture taking are limited, though. We concluded our visit at Ocean Adventure by buying keepsakes in the park’s souvenir shop. In the shop, memorabilia such as stuffed toys, shirts, caps, bags, figurines, and other goods are sold in reasonable prices.

Our next stop was in Zoobic Safari Adventure which is located at Group I, Ilanin Forest, Subic Bay Freeport Zone. It is known as the only Tiger Safari in the Philippines. We paid an entrance fee of 395 pesos and then, we were briefed before the tour. We listened intently to the instructions so that our group will not meet any misfortunes during the tour. The first part of the safari adventure was a walk-through tour wherein visitors passed through cages of wild animals. We had the chance to take pictures of the various animals during the walk-through tour. There were monkeys, mountain goats, wild cats, ostriches, wild pigs, albino carabaos, eagles, a bear, and a lot more. We even saw monkeys with stylish hair doing acrobatics while we were passing. There was also the Rodent World which is a collection showcasing different breeds of rodents raging from hamsters to ferrets. The last part of the walk-through tour was the visit to the Serpentarium which offered a good view of snakes, lizards, iguanas, turtles and other cold blooded animals. The ride of our lives was the next part of the adventure. We rode the safari jeep which seemed like a big cage since it was fenced to ensure protection from the untamed tigers. After a few minutes of travel, we reached the tigers’ territory. In total, there are 12 tigers in Zoobic Safari Adventure but only five tigers were roaming and frolicking around the area. Then, the feeder who accompanied us started to entice the tigers with the chicken with bought for 200 pesos. Instantaneously, the tigers followed the safari jeep wanting to devour the chicken. At first, we were scared of the tigers but as soon as we realized that the tigers can’t do us harm since we were inside the safari jeep, we became more at ease and we started taking pictures. As one of the tigers ate part of the chicken, I can hear its deep breathes from the place I was seated in. The whole encounter lasted for about 15 minutes and our group really enjoyed that part of the tour. Our jeep left the tigers’ area and went back to the park proper. Our tour guide was waiting for us there. She told to us pay another 50 pesos for the transportation purposes of the last part of the safari adventure. This time, we were going to Savannah, a place where a wide range of ostriches, potbellies, wild boars, and guinea fowls are featured. After the Savannah trip, our tour guide called it a day and so, our group headed home.

The next day, September 17, a Sunday, was yet another adventure for us. We left the house early in the morning. We were bound to Pundaquit, San Antonio, Zambales. In the village of Pundaquit, we hired a fishing boat to take us to the Capones and Camera Islands. Capones and Camera are known for their white beaches, speckled with colorful crushed corals. Clear turquoise waters held visitors spell-bound. High rock cliffs beckon rappellers. Capones is known for an old Spanish-era lighthouse that brings visitors back in time.From the village, the Capones Island looked like a man lying flat on his stomach. The formation of the rocks made a facade of a man’s face and his butt. Our fist stop was in the Camera Islands. The boat ride from Pandaquit to the Camera Island took us 30 minutes. Then, we finally docked on the shore. The island has crystal clear waters and fascinating white sand. The waters were still calm when we arrived. Anyone in the island would love snorkeling and enjoy the view of coral reefs, and high cliffs of boulders. We limited our time of fun in this island since we had to flee to the next island. We didn’t want to catch rough waters on our way back to the village so we transferred right away to Capones Island. The island was famous for its picturesque form. It was connected by a sand bar to another island. In the sand bar, one is able to swim on two opposite shores and at the same time, transfer from one island to another by feet. The waters surrounding Capones Island in particular is known to be generally rough. It is relatively calm only on early morning up to near noon time. It is advised that visitors take a boat ride on the early morning and head back noon time at the latest. Before noon, our group left the islands and headed back to Pandaquit. We didn’t stay that long in the islands but I sure did have a splendid time swimming and enjoying the view.

Traveling is fun. As for me, it is not only fun but also educating. I went home to Marikina with more knowledge to share. In Zambales, I learned that tigers don’t have collar bones; ostriches’ eyes are bigger than their brains; female monkeys have bigger butts than the males; and a group of frogs is called an army. Above all, I learned that I can manage to be independent and that I survived two days of being away from urban fads and gadgets.

BOZAR, Debra Jane S.

Saturday, September 2, 2006

Nothing is Perfect After All

Genre: Foreign
In the absence of a father and a husband for her mother, one might have done what Holly Hamilton did for the salvation of Jean—create a fictional suitor for her mother and set a restaurant in the verge of destruction.

Produced by Marc Platt and directed by Mark Rosman, The Perfect Man is about a teenager named Holly (Hilary Duff), who dubs herself as “the girl on the move” because her mother, Jean (Heather Locklear), runs away whenever she is on a relationship crisis. Holly conceives an illusory perfect partner in the person of Ben (Chris Noth) with the intention of lessening her mother’s desperation. Just when things are perfectly coming about, Holly’s good intentions suddenly went off course.

Basically, the movie centered on the mother – daughter relationship of the Hamiltons, with a little romance on the side. It depicted the single parents’ usual hardships of raising children all alone, plus the children’s numerous complaints of living with a single mother who moves from one place to another every after failed relationship and who is in despair to meet the man of her life time and again.

Heather Locklear and Hilary Duff were able to present the natural rapport of a typical mother-daughter team. Locklear was able to bring some realism to the struggle that single mothers undergo while Duff was able to play her teenage character well and ended up coming clean with her lies. Chris Noth, on the other hand, was able to project the image of a perfect gentle man and a perfect suitor that he was expected to be.

This 100-minute film is perceptibly set in the 20th century in that it showed how people of today communicate through the World Wide Web—instant messaging, e-mails, and blogging.

On its downside, The Perfect Man was bombarded with series of comic acts and scenarios that range from implausible to outlandish, and that only kids would adore. Take for example the classic mother – daughter dance performance in the Hamiltons' living room. Additionally, more than half of the cast gradually disappeared as the movie progressed. Also, the character of Lance, a homosexual, added nothing to the plot but comic relief.

All in all, the story, less the downside and more on the search for Mr. Perfect would have been great. The film is just right for those who appreciate feel-good movies. Teen crowds will find Hilary Duff and her new goodies as cute as ever, but the grown-ups (Heather Locklear and Chris Noth) are the strong suit in The Perfect Man.