Saturday, September 23, 2006

indifferent me

i've been blog hopping lately and i realized how inactive i am in field of journalism. my LJ-mates are part of either TOMweb or the Journalese. Some of my exceptional classmates are part of the Varsitarian. Me? I am part of nothing. I'm a nobody in the Faculty of Arts and Letters. I don't even know why i'm here. hehehe!

i am aware that writing isn't really my first love. I'm not even sure if i really know how to write. all i know is this fact: i'm receive so-so grades from our writing profesors and so far, i haven't been given any failing grades yet. hehe! i'm not exceptional. im not the greates. i barely use look-it-up-in-the-dictionary words. i suck in spelling. i lack style. hindi ako mapulitika. i hate reading. i'm not up-to-date sa current events. isa akong epal sa industiyang ito! mwahaha!

ewan. pero despite these incapabilities of mine, masaya na rin ako dahil kahit hindi ko first love ang pagsusulat, i still manage to maintain my grades. haha! flat 1.75 lagi ang average ko, Cmon! pero sana naman ay umusad na ako kahit papaano. nyahaha!

see, i didn't even make sense in this entry :)

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