Thursday, October 26, 2006

so how do i make a sem - ender?

i guess, i have to, first of all, agree with my blockmates who related the previous sem to a rollercoaster ride. but after having seen the grades, i must say, that rollercoaster ride was worth all the guts and perseverance, and endurance. congrats sa mga dean's listers. hehe!

final exams
it was hard for me. i felt very alienated when i saw/heard the questions. parang wala ako masasagot, ganun ako ka-engot nung time na yun! hehe. pero i'm glad ok naman yung grades ko, although hindi naman tlga ganun ka-okay. i know kasi i could do better. eh kaso naunahan ako ng katamaran eh. wahaha! okay lang. ;p

markstrat presentation
this was harder for me, as well as for my group. hehe. we [fadz, kristine, shelly and i] had a sleepless sleep over at shelly's place. we drank mocha frappes to keep us awake. we shared ghost stories to, i don't really know, maybe just awaken our spirits. hehe! we rushed our lunch. we waited for almost 8 hours. we found out in the end that our presentation went out of boud because our perception of "products competitors" is W_R_O_N_G. but it's really fine. nkakapagod lang talaga. masaya naman ako with my group's performance. nag-enjoy talaga ako with all of them.

this three-day seminar is really tiring. pero masayang-masaya naman. aside from the numerous lessons and tips and trivias and chismax i learned, it was really fun. i had fun with my friends. hehe. we took a lot of pictures. you can view them at my multiply site, kaso hindi lahat ng pics uploaded. hehe! ayun. what else can i say? hhmmm.. we had maria ressa, former CNN Jakarta correspondent, now ABS_CBN's secret weapon to a superb news department, as keynote speaker. maam chari villa was also a speaker. she's so cool. hehe! wala lang. i can't remember all of the speakers eh.. im too sleepy and too lazy to check my inkblots kit. basta, masaya yung seminar! yun lang!

our birthdays
i'm really really naaaliw with this trivia so wala ako pakialam kahit paulit-ulit kong kinikwento sa friends ko. hehe! ganito yan.. we are four in the family and all of us are octoberians. what's more ineresting is, sunud-sunod yung birthdates namin. dad's bday is on the 12th, mom's is on the 13th, my sister's is on the 14th, and mine is on the 25th. hehe! wala lang. in addition to that, my lola's bday is on the 11th and my aunt's is on the 28th. hehe. la lang!

my birthday
my birthday is extra special. thanks to a few people who exerted their efforts, i really really appreciated it. first, there was clarabelle who greeted me a day in advance. then, there was madelaine who shared her 15pesos just for me to be able to avail a one-day unlimitxt promo. then, there were, romar, tope and terry who called me last night. ang cute nga nila eh. nagsleep over sila at terry's place for no reason at all. niloloko pa nila ako. lalo na si romar na kung anu-ano ang pinagsasabi at ayaw pa ako patulugin. hehe. but it was fun talking to them. tapos, nung 12 oclock na, my fone beeped endlessly [medyo exaggerated?!]. i kept receiving messages from friends. hehe! now i'm wondering, do they really stay up late para mabati ako on time? hehe. effort yun ha?! salamat naman sa inyong lahat! ;p then, i slept at one. at around 6, nagising ako, binati ako ng mom ko then, we hugged each other. magkatabi kami kagabi kasi the three of us decided to sleep sa living room, bonding lang.

then, there was, of course, my tabachoy. i woke up receiving anonymous messages. ang nakakatouch dun, those anonymous messages came from djhay's friends. hehe. nag-abala talaga sila just to greet me. maraming salamat sa kanila! si melai and lawrence lang ang nagsabi ng name, so salamat sa inyo! hehehe. tapos, nagpunta kami ng mom ko sa bank tapos, pumunta na ako school. i met up with djhay. i was very late [as usual], and i was sorry [as usual]. ehehe! then, we waited for tj to arrive. e biglang umulan. nagpalipas tuloy kami sa pav ng ulan. then, we went to SM san lazaro. we ate at tokyo2, djhay's treat [samantalang ako yung may birthday?!]. hehehe! tapos, my tabachoy gave me a cake. :) yey! maraming salamat tabachoy! iloveyou! tapos, wala na, umuwi na kami.

tapos, pagkauwi ko, umalis ulit ako. i accompanied raymond to OLOPSC. sumakay kami ng motor. yipee! ang saya, although mejo nakakatakot rin. sa OLOPSC, dating school namin, marami kaming teachers na nakita. tapos, nakita rin namin si hunkable ajong na nangurot ng bilbil. hehe! tapos, after mag-inquire sa OLOPSC, we headed to raymond's place. nilutuan kasi ako ng mom nya ng maja blanca [my favorite] for my birthday, kaya kinuha namin. ang dami nga eh, 2 trays, eh 3 lang naman kami dito sa bahay. pero ok lang. ang sarap, super! the best! hehe! tapos, umuwi na kami agad dito s bahay. tapos naglaro ng lion king at nanuod ng white chicks [ulit]. tapos, nagdinner lang at umuwi na rin si raymond.

ayun, yun lang. hehe! masaya ako. salamat sa mga bumati at sa mga nagtext brigade. hehehe! i felt special. hehe! [feeler ako! oo, i know ;p]

Sunday, October 8, 2006


I have to admit,
I am losing grip.

When times like this happen to me, I wish for one thing. I wish I am Lois Lane who has a dependable superman. Just like her, I also want a superman who has two identities so that he will be able to save me and the whole human race from the pains and miseries that drown us. At the same time, he will be realistic enough to just stay by my side, hug me, comfort me, and assure me that he’ll never leave me and that everything will be alright. But for now, i'll settle for the more realistic identity.

I want a superman who will spare me from (and never cause me) any pain. I want a superman who will understand the fact that the pains I am feeling will never numb my feelings. Instead, those pains make me suffer even more especially when it happens all over again. But I am aware of the fact that pain and sorrow is inevitable, so I’ll understand if he fails at times.

I want a superman who will understand my nature. If my superman falls short of comprehending my whole being, he must, at least, know that humans get tired of understanding and enduring. He must also be aware of the fact that humans cease to be understanding of something when that something causes them so much pain.

I want a superman who will be able to show me his real self. But I also want a superman who will not hurt me (physically or emotionally) by just being himself. I want a superman who realizes that everything has a limit. I won’t expect my superman to change his character for me. I just want him to understand me so that he will know when I am hurting. All i want is for him to understand me too.

If my superman fails to do these simple and realistic things, then, I guess, that’s because I’m being too idealistic. Or perhaps I really can’t have him. Maybe, we are really not meant for each other. Maybe, we are not made for each other. After all, I am just me. I can never be like him—powerful, intelligent, optimistic, jolly, and fun to be with.

Coincidentally, Lois Lane and I are both journalists so I guess, it’s but okay to have hopes.