Thursday, December 21, 2006


I didn't bring my digicam at school that's why i don't have photos to post. But it's just fine, after all, I have memories to keep, gifts to open, and my friends' photos to steal. Mwahahaha!

Our christmas party was crazy and fun! Too bad, not everyone in our class attended. Even so, my fun-loving classmates managed to make the party rock with their singing prowess and their unique games and ideas. Sir opiniano was also there. His presence added more bang to the party since he gave out a whopping 200php as cash price for the last game. Unfortunately, djhay and i lost in that particular game where the cash price was at stake, but at least we had fun naman.

That day, we also revealed kung sino ang nabunot ng isa't-isa. Yung nakabunot sa akin, mejo hindi na surprise kasi naririnig ko na rin from my friends na possible na si djhay ang nakabunot sa akin. Ayun. I handed my gift to arene, and fortunately, she liked the necklace. mahaba-habang deliberation din ang pinagdaanan namin ni madie bago ko nabili ng gift si arene eh. hehehe! As for my gift from djhay, alam ko na rin kung ano. hehehe. eh kasi naman, sinabi na nya sa akin! wahaha.

After the christmas party, we headed out to watch the fireworks display. It was quite a sight. kaso mabilis lang and hindi ganun kadami yung effects unlike sa world pyro olympics na todo effects and everything. Pero okay na rin. masaya naman panuorin eh. Mejo epal lang yung mga puno na nakaharang. hehehe!

naglatag lang kami ng newspapers so that we could sit on the ground and enjoy the cool evening breeze. Habang nakaupo kami sa field, nataong dumating si sir opiniano. He sat with us at nakipaglokohan pa. He's so jolly. Parang hindi prof. Nakakatuwa.

We left early, but not that early to catch the last trip of the LRT. Sadly, mahaba-habang byahe ang tinahak namin bago nakauwi. Nakakapagod kapag walang LRT. hhaayy.

ayun. yun lang. BOW!


  1. hehehe. matt! happy holidays sa atin! mwah. ;p

  2. wahahaa bagay ung sungay!!! thanks sa gift i love it!! hehe

  3. wow. buti na lang nagustuhan mo arene! merry christmas! mwah!


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