Saturday, December 16, 2006


it pays to be masipag. it's very unfortunate of me that i wasn't born masipag. isa akong dakilang tamad, and i suffer every small detail of the consequences reaped for being lazy. perhaps, i'd be able to receive the most number of awards for being unproductive.

my laziness is one trial in life i have to overcome. actually, that's one trial i have been trying to overcome for the longest time but still, i'm not able to succeed. but i must say, this week, i was able to finish every required reading. yun nga lang, umaga na ako natatapos at natutulog. then again, it's a very minute sign of improvement and it's not that bad after all. after this entry, i am planning to do two assignments--read the RES MF handouts and ba able to finish the assignment in Layout and copy reading.

another trial: my mom's away. she went home to iloilo to attend the funeral of her brother. during our conversation a while ago, she told me that the only available flight is on the 24th, meaning, she won't be back until a week or so. Considering that, it makes me worry because the allowance and the groceries and the food she left US might not be enough to suffice OUR unexpected longer days without her. akala kasi namin, she'll be back after sunday. yun pala, sa susunod na sunday pa ang balik nya. i'm also worried about the preparation of our noche buena. i'm no good at the kitchen. and only my mom can cook sumptuous meals for christmas kaya wish ko talaga na dumating sya ng maaga para there would still be time para makapaghanda kami.

another trial is our rocky financial status. it has always been like this, kaya nasasanay na rin ako na hindi napagbibigyan ang material wants ko. naiintindihan ko naman ang parents ko eh. kaya kapag wala na talaga ako magawa to convince them, iniiyak ko na lang. that's life eh. i've already accepted the fact that my parents won't prioritize our WANTS, instead, uunahin nila ang mga importanteng PANGANGAILANGAN namin. i've come to live by that thought kaya sanay na akong ganito lang ang lifestyle namin. somehow, masaya na rin naman sya.

you might think that my predicaments, which i consider trials [just for dramatic effect], are pretty simple and petty. i just want to stress out that everyone of us experiences trials--trials which are given by God because he knows that those will hone our abilities as persons; that those will make us better persons.

i don't really know how to console a person experienceing difficult trials. when my mom knew about the death of papa manong [that's how we call her brother], she shed tears and the only thing i did was HUG her tight.

nobody hugs me tight when i'm sad and tried by God, but i'm willing to hug and listen to friends who think that they are alone.

kaya nyo yan guys.

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