Thursday, January 4, 2007

Original Lumpia Shainghai - Cheese Flavor

I told myself that i should resume reading Sheila Coronel's article after surfing the net that's why i decided to write a very long new year's entry to delay my reading. Hehe!

So here's a review of the latest significant events i experienced before the year ended.

We met Lourdes who migrated to Canada some 5 years ago. It was realy fun. We ate lots of food and took lots of pictures. I already posted the pictures in my Multiply account, just see them. hehe! Too bad, the planned sleep over at maj's place did not materialize.

Christmas EVE
The Yuletide Season that was is the most boring holiday my family has ever had. Mama just got home from Iloilo last December 24. All we had for noche buena was menudo, a Goldilocks cake, and Coke lite since Mama was so tired and so broke to prepare more food. My sister was so bored that she decided to leave the house and have fun somewhere else. I insisted to come with her that's why we ended up hearing Mass. The ceremony was very unique. It gave me goosebumps. Before the Mass started, all the lights were turned off. Then, the priest started talking.

"Ganito ang ating buhay kapag wala ang Panginoon."

What the priest said was so true. With out Him in our lives, we are just disabled and panicking in the dark. Then, the priest continued his preaching by saying that "Christmas is the Lord's foolishness." The Lord was so foolish that he sent his only son for people like us--criminals, ingrates, murderers, rapists, opportunists, sinners. The cermon really enlightened me. I just hope it enlighted my sister, who was texting the whole time, as well. The Mass ended joyfully as the priest led the singing of Ang pasko ay Sumapit with a very cheerful tone.

We arrived home before 12. Mama and our cousin, Ate marlyn were already asleep. Meagan and I had no other choice but to force ourselves to enjoy the noche buena without our mom. It was quite fun. The two of us exchanged gifts for one another. We also took photos and videos of ourselves, of the food, and of the gifts we received.

When Meagan retired to bed, I was left alone, watching past videos of special occassions in our lives. I got to watch the video of my simple yet crazy 18th birthday. Somehow, it made my Christmas happy. The part when Shaine showed her armpit to the camera made me laugh out loud alone. hehe! I was still up when Mama and ate Marlyn woke up. At aroung 5 a.m., Ate Marlyn left. I slept at around 7 a.m. and woke up after an hour.

Christmas DAY
The three of us, [mama, mogs and i] gathered in the living room to watch more videos. That time, we also gave mama our present. Fortunately, she liked what we gave her. hehe! A few hours later, our relatives came to visit.

In the afternoon, Mama heard mass. We were invited by Ate Gade to watch an MMFF film since she had no one to celebrate christmas with. While mogs and i were preparing ourselves, another set of relatives came. I was rattled. Andami kasi nila at ubos na ang pagkain. hehe! Good thing, i found the biscocho brought by mama. We managed to entertain the guests. When mama arrived, We took off na rin.

We planned to watch Mano Po 5 but Sta. Lucia wasn't showing the film on that day so we decided to watch Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo instead. We learned that KKK was shown in the old cinemas of the mall, which were infested by SUROTs, so we decided to transfer to RP na lang. When we got there, Ate Gade bought tickets for KKK. Then we ate at Chef d Angelo and bought some grocery items since the movie we chose was scheduled to start in two hours pa.

The movie was good. Ryan and Judy Ann's tandem worked well, though Judy Ann's acting is more commendable. It was a very funny movie. Ate Gade wanted to watch it since she thought she'll relate well with the story line. She'll get married na rin kasi in April. Ayun, we were already home by 11:30 p.m.

I woke up late that's why shaine, mak and tope waited for me for 30 minutes or so. The four of us were the only ones who are willing to pursue with the registration despite the RUSH and the HASSLE. As for me, i really had to register since we were required by Sir Tayao to do so.

I met them at the Church at around 8:30 a.m. Due to the facts that i woke up at 8, i found out that i have my period, and shaine was demanding me not to take a shower, i DID NOT take a bath. haha! Yuck!

So we were at our city's COMELEC at around 9. The queue was already very long when we arrived. We immediately passed the requirements. Unfortunately, I still had to photocopy one of my documents. As a result, my papers were placed at the bottom of the pile. When my companions were already filling out their application forms, i was still waiting for my name to be called. Good thing, my friends waited for me to fill out my form so we can pass our forms all together.

After having our forms signed, we decided to just return the next day for the BIOMETRICS(?). The line for the next process was really really really very LONG.

The time we left the building, we were all starving. Since i was having cramps, we decided to eat lunch in the nearest Jollibee branch so i can take a pain killer. After lunch, we met Romar. For some reason, his plan of having his Xray didn't push through. :)

Then, we headed to Marquinton. Their original plan was to watch KKK but since i already saw the movie, our group was divided. Maj and Shaine watched KKK while romar, tope and i watched Mano po 5.

It was a typical story of love and family conflicts. Chinese tradition hindered angel locsin and Richard gutierrez's relationship. Then, there was Christian Bautista who was a famouse Asian artist arranged to marry angel. But as the typical romantic movie that it was, it's main characters, angel and richard, naturally ended up together making christian give up angel to the man she truly loves. Typical talaga, and it wasn't as "nakakatawa" as KKK. Only Lorna Tolentino was funny enough to make audience laugh.

After the movie, maj had to leave. She missed the all our videoke-ing and the Time Zone-ing fun. I really had fun with shaine, romar, and tope. We even won mini cadburry chocolates from that candies-dispenser machine. We also exchanged the tickets we won for pencils and clay toys.

We ended the day with a meal a KFC branch near our place. After that, we called it a day.

It was a very looong day. We arrived at 7:30 in the morning and finished at around 4:30 in the afternoon. The queue for biometrics was already long. The last person in line was number 165. Kumusta naman yun dba?! We tried to entertain ourselves by gossipping, eating bread pan and pillows, playing games, and answering trivias. that day, as shaine puts it, "super bonded na talaga kaming apat."

When lunch time came, pulubi na kami that's why we had to borrow money from maj. Then, after lunch, we were already called to enter the office. Inside the office, the line was till very long. It takes one person around 3 minutes to undergo the picture taking process, and only one computer was serving each person. That explains our very long wait. tsk!

The long wait was really fine. The problem was, NASINGITAN KAMI NG ISANG MATANDANG LALAKI! See how unfair the world could be? It took us half a day waiting for our names to be called. Si manong, his name wasn't called kasi hindi sya pumila! Ay badtrip talaga yung ganun. kung alam lang namin na walang listahan sa loob ng office, sana inaway namin xa at pinaalis. we were expecting kasi na may list din yung kumukuha nung pictures kaya confident kami na papalabasin si manong at papapilahin. kaso, walang listahan sa loob kaya nakasingit xa at hindi na naghirap pumila! badtrip tlga. unfair!

After that last process, we were already registered voters! yehey! we went home right after.

Our HS Class' GRAND REUNION. i wasn't there. ;c

We didn't cook everything prepared in the afternoon. We realized we're just three and we can't eat everything in just one night. We just cooked spaghetti, chicken [sweet], and salad that night. The barbecue, burger patties, etc. followed the next days.

Raymond came in the afternoon. He just dropped by to give me his promised Chocolates. Yey! He left immediately since he had errands to run.

We just stayed home that evening. We were too scared of the fire crackers. We just enjoyed watching TV and eating togther. When the clock struck 12, Mama got hold of her kaldero lids and banged them as if they were cymbals. Of course, i jumped for the hope of getting taller.

A few hours after midnight, i entertained myself by playing with the video cam. While meagan was talking with a HS classmate over the fone, i was discovering the other features of the camera. it was quite interesting din naman. :)

My New Year's Resolution

Last year was a good year for me. A good year wouldn't be possible without people who brought joy to my life that's why in this entry, i'd like to thank each one of them.

First in my list is God. Without him, i wouldn't have a life to live, parents to love, a sister to tease, predicaments to overcome, food to eat, resources to abuse, friends to have fun with, teachers who instill lessons in my mind, oxygen to breathe, water to drink, rights to enjoy, music to listen to, dreams to fulfill, talents and skills to hone, tears to shed, movies to see, blessings to share, sins to repent, mistakes to learn from, fears to overcome, a future to look forward to, and many more.

I also want to thank daddy for working hard for us, for enduring being alone just to earn money, for sending us to reputable schools, for providing us with our needs and wants, for giving me advices, for supporting me with the field i've chosen, for making me feel loved and important, for making us disciplined individuals, and for raising us as good persons. I love you Daddy!

To Mama, thanks for taking care of us, for scolding us everytime we commit mistakes, for cooking food for us, for doing the laundry for us, for teaching us what you've learned from your life, for loving us unconditionally, for instilling in us good manners, for making us disciplined individuals, for sacrificing a lot for us, and for raising us. I love you Mama!

To my sister, thanks for chatting with me at night, for buying me ice cream whenever i'm depressed, for bringing home pasalubong for me, for making me feel loved, for quarreling with me, for being a good companion, for being a friend to me, for keeping my secrets, for your generosity, and for everything else. I love you Mogs!

To my HS friends, thanks for still listening to my problems, for making me feel that you are willing to fight for me, for making me feel special, for making me feel that i'm not alone, for making me feel that you want to be by my side, for being there whenever i need all of you, for making every gathering a blast, for sharing picture moments with me, for all the times of reminiscing, for all the happy times, for the secrets you've shared to me, for all the games we played, for cheering me up when i'm down, for giving me advices about life and love. thank you guys! mwah!

To my college friends, thank you for keeping me company, for eating lunch and dinner with me, for sharing picture moments with me, for accompanying me to the CR, for waiting for me to arrive everytime i come late, for all the corny jokes we've shared, for all the amazing races we've had, for making my college life fun, for listening to my tedious stories, for listening to my problems, for comforting me when i'm sad, and for being good friends to me. Maraming salamat! mwah!

To my bestfriends, thanks for giving me chocolates, for believing in me and my kakayahan, for trusting me with your secrets, for being there for me, for being trust worthy, for boosting my confidence, for making me believe in my self, for loving me, for being loyal to me, for the friendship, for the good times, for the care and concern, for everything. i love you! mwah! ;p

To the man i love, belat! ;p Ahaha. Salamat sa lahat! Thanks sa nakakaasar mong pangaasar, for the free pedicab rides, for the bonding moments, for the cuddles and kilig moments, for the good times, for the bad times, for the love and care you've shown me, for standing by me, for understanding me, for making me feel happy, for making me realize my mistakes, for making me feel comfortable by your side, for everything, salamat! ahaha. ang chorva naman! ;p

Sa mga taong nasaktan ako nung nakaraang taon, thanks for making me realize that i'm a strong person, for making me a better person, for making me learn how to forget and forgive, and for making me a stronger person. I may have forgiven you at this point in time and I hope, the people i've hurt have forgiven me too.

May this year be equally great, if not better than last year. This year, I will strive to be happier! yehey!


wala nako masabi. nakakalungkot isipin na kailangan ko na bumalik sa pagbabasa ;c

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