Friday, February 16, 2007

so what?!

February 14 was very celebrated that every restaurant in Marquinton was filled with couples, cliques, and families. I was there, not with a significant other [because i obviously don't have one], not with my friends, but with my mom and my sister.

My valentine's Day started very early. Surprising as it is, i woke up at around 7 a.m., which is very unusual for a "tulog-mantika" like me. That day, I decided to start reading the assigned articles for poldy. After reading five pages of the first article, i stopped and pondered. Then I thought, it's time for me to have a better cellphone in terms of function. So, i immediately texted my very irritating and user-friendly yet trusty best friend to accompany me to riverbanks to have my phone sold and to buy a better phone. By better, i mean, a phone that i can use not for luxury's sake but for necessity's. And so, i ended up buying a Nokia 6610 since Raymond insisted that i buy that model. And yeah, i'm quite satisfied not considering that fact that i really really want an Nseries phone or a v3x. nyahaha!

It was a good thing Raymond didn't plan anything special for his girlfriend. At least, I had company at riverbanks and for Vday as well. It was only yesterday that i found out how addicted to KFC's gravy Raymond is. "Binabahog" talaga nya yung gravy sa kanina nya. Tinalo naman ang kaadikan ko. nyahaha. I once again enjoyed riding his motorcycle though I scold him at times for speeding up. It was fun riding a motorcycle. I get to see the road well, feel the wind on my face, and avoid traffic. Dakilang singitero kasi si Raymond eh. wahaha!

He went home at around 3 and took my green, fake lacoste pouch. Now, our digicam doesn't have a pouch. I'm using my mom's jumbo purse and it looks ridiculous. haha!

At around 7, mama and i headed to marquinton to have a celebration of valentine's day and of meagan's passing of the battery exam. yes!

MY SISTER PASSED THE BATTERY EXAM! and i'm so proud of her! i'm a proud sister! wuhoooooo! ;p

I'm really very happy for her. She made our parents very proud and happy. But on her part, passing the battery exam wasn't that exciting at all and i understand how she feels. Meagan has problems with making friends. This college, it's an achievement for her to have two very close friends in school--Rinzy and Marianne. Unfortunately, both Rinzy and Marianne didn't make it to pass and they are recommended to take another course. This would mean that on her third year in colege, mogs will be left with no close friends. I feel sorry for my sister because i definitely know how it feels to be alone, and it's not fun. I just hope she'll make new friends and I hope her studies won't be that affected.

So yun nga, we were there for two reasons. Kaya naman we made the most out of the night. We ate dimsum at a Chinese Resto! Yehey! What's disappointing was the crew's service. Due to many customers, we were hardly accommodated well. Our orders were delayed and the rice was served to us just after we finished the viands halfway. I didn't quite enjoy the dinner. But being with my two girls made my vday AYOS!

i'll make sure my next vday will be spectacular. [haha, cge dez, ipilit mo!] ;p

i love mozilla firefox. may spelling check xa kapag nagtatype ako ng journal entries. ehehe.

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