Sunday, May 27, 2007

Emma Roberts is Nancy Drew

Get a Clue with Nancy Drew
By Debra Jane Bozar and Madelaine Joy Garcia

Solving mysteries and driving fast cars are typical stuffs for small town girl Nancy Drew. But for Emma Roberts, star of the new Nancy Drew movie, being in the lead role is a big time adventure in her “dream project”.

Emma admits she has never read the book series though she’s a self-proclaimed Harry Potter girl. “It’s really great. I’m rather nervous because so many generations have read the book and I have big shoes to fill. But I’m really excited and it’s going to be a lot of fun,” said the 16-year-old star in an interview.

The Sleuth goes to Hollywood--
Director Andrew Fleming opted not to modernize the all-time favorite teen detective. “But if we did, what’s the point? Why call her Nancy Drew?” Instead, he made Nancy’s surrounding rougher, ruder, and more dangerous by setting the plot in a bigger city-Hollywood!

“It's not based on any of the books — it's a new premise where Nancy Drew moves to Los Angeles and lives in an old movie star's house. It's filled with all sorts of adventures,” said the Aquamarine star. In her latest adventure, Nancy is out to unravel the mystery behind the death of movie star Dehlia Draycott.

The mermaid’s “unfabulous” undercover--
Emma’s first on-screen appearance was alongside Johnny Depp in the 2001 rated-R movie Blow. Since then, she has starred in other movies, Aquamarine being the latest, while doing her own TV series Unfabulous, that made her a household name, in Nickelodeon. She also released her first album last year, Unfabulous And More: Emma Roberts. “I sing and everything. So, we thought it would be cool to put out a soundtrack because everyone said how much they loved the songs. I’ve always like singing,” she said. The newly-hailed Female Star of Tomorrow in the recent Showest Award proudly shares that she did few of her own stunts as Nancy Drew: I get in a car chase and then I have to outrun a car. So that’s fun.

The Pretty Woman’s Niece--
Emma thinks her Aunt Julia’s Monalisa smile is the most striking common feature they have, while being good bakers comes next. “We make peanut butter cookies and chocolate chip scones.” She comes from a family of stars. Besides Academy Award-winner Julia Roberts, her father, Eric Roberts is also a movie star. But she doesn’t want to be forever stuck with the names of her dad and aunt. “I think it is really cool to be compared to her because she’s an amazing actress, but I do kind of want to make a name for myself and accomplish something on my own.”

Busy Bee--
Emma is now working on a comedy film to be shown in 2008 titled Wild Child. Her hit TV series is already running its second season. She’s also expected to appear in Camp Couture, Bras and Broomsticks, and Rodeo Gal. She has signed a contract with Dooney & Bourke, as their new spokesmodel. She is also designing her own Dooney & Bourke handbag, named after her.

Coming Soon--
Prior to the movie’s release on June 15, the director Flemming and producer Jerry Weintraub have verified a sequel with Emma still playing the role.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Aliw Bukas!

We already submitted our evaluation sheets at the Philippine Star office today. On Monday, our certificates are ready for pick-up. But my OJT at Woman Today Asia is still on-going. In fact, Madie and I will cover Nickelodeon's 2007 Kid's Choice Awards tomorrow at the Aliw Theater.

Each tickets given to us by Ms. Rhia admits two. Since we were given two tickets, it would mean four people can come to the party. Arene agreed to join us tomorrow but according to Madie, her decision isn't final yet. She might feel lazy anytime and decide not to come. Unfortunately, Grace wouldn't be able to come with us tomorrow too. She has her own appointment tomorrow din kasi.

I really don't know what to expect tomorrow but I hope this event becomes the grandest experience in my OJT. Excited nako! I wish to see celebrities and eat good food! Utang na loob naman. Of the three presscons/forums I've attended, egg sandwich na ang pinakaBONGGA kong nakain. Pambihira. Loser! Wahahaha.

Naku! Here I am again, naeexcite to the max. Tapos ang kadalasang nangyayari, madidisappoint lang ako pagdating ko sa mismong event. Sana naman this Nickelodeon thing won't fail me. Sna makita ko si Sam Concepcion. wahahahaha!

We'll bring our tape recorders and digi cams tomorrow! Hope to see some interesting people! ;p


Nakakatawa yung esmyuskee chorva sa PBB. kumusta naman ang karera ng snails?! wahahaha. pasenxa na, jologs ako eh ;p

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Last Monday, while my mom, my two aunts and I were on our way home from a seminar in Makati, Auntie Emmy questioned the Catholic's practice of praying in front of images and crucifixes. She insists that one of the Ten Commandments states that we shall not have other gods besides HIM. My mom immediately answered while my aunt was in the middle of her litany making their conversation very long. The whole taxi ride was basically almost about that. It was annoying, believe me.

Auntie Emmy is Born Again while Mama is Catholic. There's no way one of them will win the debate. The bottom line is that they have different faiths and that there's no point in questioning each other's beliefs. Nakakairita lang yung ingay nila sa taxi eh. Pareho pa silang ayaw magpatalo at magconcede. If I remember it right, the constitution states that we should respect the diverse religions practiced in the country. So what's the point of arguing?

Well I guess that's how people stand for what they believe in. No matter how baseless, senseless, unreasonable, and annoying their arguments are, they still fight for their faith, be it right or wrong.

I believe everyone of us has fought for that belief. I once fought for what i believed would make me happy. I believed hard. I had strong faith in what i felt, in what i thought was destined for me. But then some changes took place. Now, I have to forget about everything I believed in.

How hard is it? Here's my lame description of it: "right now, forgetting about that belief of mine is like forgetting that i exist. Hindi madali. Hindi pala talaga sapat kapag ikaw na lang ang naniniwala sa bagay na yun."

Oh well, papel. Siguro oras na nga talaga para magpatalo. Maybe it's about time I concede to what others believe in--that i should forget.

HUUUUGGS everyone!

Sunday, May 20, 2007


Now that I'm done with the showbiz article mentioned in my previous entry, the next thing to accomplish is the questionnaire for our thesis. If you're wondering why we are required to do something regarding our theses during the summer vacation, don't worry, I'm wondering as well. Harharhar. Joke lang.

Speaking of summer, shoots! Ang init sa Pilipinas. No wonder ang bilis pumasok sa ulo ng mga tao yung init. Haay. How I wish I'm in a another country that's cooler, better and problem-free. If there's such a place, I'll be able to leave all the negative vibes, people, thoughts, experiences, and feelings I have here. I definitely won't miss those kind of things. But how can I leave this tropical when all my valuable personal belongings [family, friends & happy memories] would be left behind? I wouldn't want to reside somewhere all alone and it's quite impossible to bring all of them along.

Another thing, leaving the country for the sake of running away from my predicaments is plain cowardice. Why not stay and face your troubles? They will sprout like mushrooms regardless of your location anyway. Plus, I'd still remain a coward despite a change of location. So whats the point of moving? Wahaha! How lowly is that? Okay, okay. Enough of the harsh perceptions of yourself, Dez. Be positive! ;p

Lastly, there's still no place like home! You might find this weird, but I miss my mom, my sister and our bed whenever I'm sleeping over at a friend's place. For me, that's enough proof that home is where the heart is. Ahahaha! Hello Dez? Is there anything more cheesy than that?! ;p

Yeah, and before I forget, our country has a lot of wonderful places to visit. I've seen some virgin spots a while ago in GMA 7's Sine Totoo. There's the Cagayan River, Walang Langit falls, Bolinao Giant Clams Sanctuary, and APO island. Oh, I'd love to go to APO island in Negros Oriental. It was Howie Severino who checked out the place. He was able to explore some coral reef and even dived from a mountain of rocks into the deep sea. The view from where he dived was magnificent. The corals as seen from above, were like human brain painted on a blue canvass. Hehe! Kahit pangit yung description ko of the corals, I must say, that's something I want to see myself and experience someday. San ka pa dba? Only in the Philippines!

Oh how I'd love to travel! If only I have all the riches in the world to support my capriciousness, I'll even bring all of you with me! Nyahaha. Dream on!

Friday, May 18, 2007


I have an article for Woman Today Asia that is due tomorrow and I haven't started on it yet. I have to write about the TOP TEN MOST PROMISING YOUNG STARS of today. In my list are: Marky Cielo, Gerald Anderson, Rayver Cruz, JC de Vera, Enchong Dee, Sam Concepcion, Joem Pascual, Matt Evans, Jake Cuenca, and Mikee Lee. Yeah, laugh at me for the kaBADUYan but honestly, i don't even know some of those on my list. That's the first reason why I'm having a hard time doing the article. The second is that I'm not inclined to this kind of topic. The third, is that maybe I'm a big time loser.

Yes, I am a loser in many ways. This is what I always think -- I'm no good in this field; I'm better off somewhere else; I'm doomed to be left behind by people I treasure; I'm bound for failure; I'm never gonna step up a level higher from mediocrity; and my life and I are equally crappy. But thinking those things doesn't make me feel any good. I believe, a good feeling is something that has no negative side effects. This is what I always want to feel -- fulfilled, appreciated, loved, accomplished, smart, uncrappy,  and meaningful. But I think those positive feelings are not achievable by just a lonesome effort. For me, the people around you could be of great help. Good thing i have a few beside me.

No matter how crappy I feel, I have this re-found friend who reminds me of how special each of us are, if not for everybody, at least for some caring people. This friend cheers me up whenever I feel depressed. This friend reacts on the way I lowly perceive myself and it feels good to be advised to regain the confidence, the pride, and the self-esteem you once lost, because after all, everybody needs the right amount of those three things in their lives.

Having this friend made me feel appreciated. Now, I feel better because there's one person, excluding my parents, who doesn't care about my weight, my figure, my facial features, my social status, my dumbness, my insecurities, and my imperfections. I'm glad to have a friend who is willing to listen and give advices without expecting anything in return.

It always feels good to be appreciated. It also feels great to have someone who listens intently to your stories and remembers every detail of it, someone who pays attention to you, and someone who helps you become a happier person. The feeling is far more pleasing than having someone criticize the way you look, the way you move, and the way you live your life. Thanks! I'm glad we're friends.

I hope everyone feels appreciated. HUUUUUUGSS!

Life is just a matter of perspective. I'm hoping to finally see that perfect view I've always longed to stare at.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

one down, three to go.

Madie was here today. We did our colab article for Woman Today Asia due on Monday. It's a good thing we were able to accomplish this article since we have three more on our list.

At around 10, I woke up. Immediately, I called madie to check if she's really coming. She said she's ready to leave their house and we agreed that I'll meet her somewhere near Concepcion Market. In between that phone call and Madie's cue text message that she was already near, I was able to clean the PC area, sweep the floor, and take a bath. Nyahaha! Good thing madie's place is an hour drive away from here. =)

I cooked ginisang corned beef for us. Nyahaha. That's the only thing I know I can cook well. I think I'll have to marry a chef someday. By that, my ignorance in the kitchen would be compensated. ;p While I was cooking, Madie was researching for Nancy Drew facts.

After lunch, at around one, we started our article. It was quite a struggle to begin the story at first but we made it through. Nyahaha. At around four, we were already done. We sent it to our trainer right away.

We had snacks while watching The Notebook. Unfortunately, we weren't able to finish the movie since Madie already had to leave. I accompanied her to the sakayan and that was it.

*I'm crossing my fingers that this one's gonna be published. PLEASE!

Kabataan: PAGASA ng Bayan

I exercised my right to vote and it feels great! It made me feel less indifferent about my own country. And the indelible ink, it really doesn't fade that easily. Haha! Pasensya na. FIRST TIME KO EH! ;p

It took me less than 30 minutes to find my precinct number, write down my choice of candidates, and have my pointer finger stained by the indelible ink. Thanks to the NAMFREL people, it wasn't that hard for me to look for my name even if I still don't have my voter's ID.

I honestly wished somebody would hand me money in exchange of a single vote. Too bad, there weren't any people of those kind there. The only things handed to me were sample ballots. Bawal na nga yun eh, dba? PFT!

The 12 senatorial slots in my ballot weren't filled. I only voted eight candidates. I also didn't fill the slots for city councilor due to the fact that I don't know the candidates. In fact, I only wrote down two familiar names.

Right now, I'm tuned in to GMA's Eleksyon 2007 coverage. Pangilinan's children are on TV. They are so adorable. hehe! The latest partial/unofficial count on 24 Oras says Noynoy Aquino is on the lead.


I didn't go to work today. I asked my trainer via SMS if there's any assignment for me today but he told me to just write any election-related articles in our place. Having read his reply, I didn't bother replying. I also didn't make any article since in the public school where i voted, nothing news worthy took place.

Sunday, May 13, 2007


Haay. Matindi talaga marahil ang pagkamuhi sa akin ng aking mentor. Hindi niya ako tinitext kung saan ako magkocover sa elections samantalang sila madie, sinabihan na ng trainer nila na sa DepEd sila ni Ms. Marichu inassign. Paano naman ako nito? Nakakainis. Ang sama-sama niya. Mukhang ayaw talaga niya maging makabuluhan ang OJT ko. Siguro hindi niya ako pinagkakatiwalaang magcover dahil sa sa tingin niya, masagwa ang aking pagsusulat. Haay.

Ang sakit ng kaliwang braso ko. Kumikirot yung mga muscles ko dahil sa itinurok sa akin ng kapatid kong injection. Sa akin kasi siya nagpractice. Maya-maya, skin test naman ang gagawin. May injection na namang involved. Hindi malakas ang loob ko pagdating sa mga bagay na ito ngunit dahil sa paki-usap sa akin ng aking kapatid at ina, wala naman akong magagawa eh. Para naman to sa pag-aaral ni Meagan. Haayy. Ang sakit!

Nakakairita 'to. Tumahimik ka na. Epal! Hmp!

Friday, May 11, 2007


After our meeting at Woman Today Asia, Madie and I went straight to RP to eat at Red Ribbon. Madie and I were craving for cakes. Too bad, my slice wasn't a chocolate mousse but the choco mallow cake was really good naman. While eating, Manang Arene arrived. The ever bad influence Manang Arene [hahaha! bleh] persuaded us to play bowling. I said yes after a pathetic attempt to convince them to pay for me. Haha!

We transferred to Sta. Lucia after lunch. Since we were just wearing slip-ons, we needed to buy socks for hygiene's sake. We also had to rent bowling shoes to be able to play. Surprisingly, I wore size 4 bowling shoes! Wuhoo!

I must say, I really enjoyed that time with my LRT mates. Although I didn't score well, I really had fun throwing that heavy bowling thing. In fact, Madie and I played three games, two of which, I lost. Nyahaha!

After bowling, we shot some hoops [naks!] at World of Fun. Hehe. We always play basketball whenever we go arcading. It was tiring. I think I'll experience pain in my right arm tonight because of the activities I did today. Hehe!

What's more fun was I didn't have to worry about work since my trainer texted me that he won't come to the press office today. WUHOO! ;p

Thursday, May 10, 2007


I surprisingly woke up at around 8am. I connected to the Net to re-read Sir Jere’s instructions regarding the THESIS revisions. I also did some checking of my friendster, multiply and LJ accounts. After surfing the net, I dozed off again. I woke up before 12 and saw my phone in silent mode, blinking. My aunt called to tell me to meet her in the salon. She needed company and no one’s available so I said yes. Besides, I felt I badly need a haircut.

In the salon, the kuya/ate noticed how dry my hair was. He/she convinced me to have my hair hot oiled. And so, I said yes. Good thing my generous aunt paid for it. I’m saving for mom’s cake on mother’s day and for my other unnecessary cravings. Hehe!

That Alfaparf fluid used in my hair was just fragrant. That’s all. Hmp! After the salon experience, I didn’t feel better. I didn’t think the hot oil helped, neither did the haircut. I’m missing my long hair! Waaaaaahh! But the depressing feeling didn’t stop me from going to work.

I arrived at the press office late—an hour and a half late. I hadn’t had the chance to grab a bite for lunch but I wasn’t hungry that time naman. I sat beside JP, an intern of Business Mirror, also from UST. I tried to converse with him and he was kind enough to reply to my non-sense queries. After a while, Babsie and Jackie arrived. The four of us just talked until sir Jess called me.

He asked me to do an article about the rift between a Nueva Ecija Representative and a former Jaen Mayor. When I was half-way done, he said he’ll do the article himself so; I turned off the PC without saving my supposed-to-be article. After a while, he called me again. He told me to continue working on my article, print it out, and compare my work to his in tomorrow’s issue.

“Yes, I’ll compare a professional’s work with an amateur’s and won’t be surprised to find out you’re better.” Tsk ;c

[+] Nagbrownout sa office! Nakakatuwa, it was a more happy experience compared to a scary interaction with your boss.

Before leaving home for work, the skies poured cats and dogs. Everyone thought it was a blessing, especially for me because I had a very good excuse not to go to work. I texted my trainer and told him I can no longer leave our house since the streets were already flooded. He replied with a very long “K”.

That same day, we celebrated uncle bob’s birthday. Our relatives gathered in Marist to enjoy some merienda. The food was great, as usual. And the bonding session was fun. Later that day, my aunt played ballroom music and so, everyone danced, including two-year-old baby cousin, Wella.

I haven't been updating lately. A lot of things have transpired in a short span of time but before I recall everything. I just want to say, I'VE ALREADY WATCHED SPIDERMAN 3! Hahaha. I know it's nothing significant. I just feel happy having seen it.

I watched the movie with Madie and Djhay. After work, Madie and I met with Djhay at Gateway and bought tickets right away. We caught the 5:30 movie and managed to secure ourselves not-so-cool seats. The last few vacant seats were the ones at the front row so we agreed to grab the third row seats before they disappear in thin air. ;p

Before the movie started, we got to have a glimpse at some movies worth anticipating: Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean.

The movie ended at around 8 p.m. It was really a lengthy film that we found some boring moments in it. But overall, it was good and interesting, full of action and has superb effects. OK, I'm not that great a movie reviewer so I better leave that job to the PROs! :)

Madie had to go home ASAP. Djhay and I were supposed to have dinner but there wasn't enough space at the food court so we decided to go home na rin. I arrived home before 9, starving.

[+] This day, I realized how poor I am in commuting. The FX I rode went past through the place where I’m supposed to take off. And the jeepney bound for the House took another route, which was unfamiliar to me. I kind of panicked that time but I still managed to reach the press office safe and sound.

[+] Saw that "Please confirm change in relationship" message and it still pierces my heart the same way it did when I first read it.

Friday, May 4, 2007


I already saw my name on paper today. May tag line kami ni Jade in the STAR's page A26. It wasn't as fulfilling as what I've expected. As I read the article, I realized that I never wrote anything in relation to it. Now I'm wondering kung bakit tatlo kami [with our trainer] sa tag line.

Sana next time, yung pinageffortan ko yung mapublish. In that way, it would be very fulfilling especially kapag alam mong ikaw talaga yung gumawa nun story.


Last Wednesday, my trainer advised me to shift to another course. I understand what he meant. Masyado daw kasi masikip ang market opportunity sa journalism unlike NURSING na sobrang in demand. Eh graduating na ako eh. Magshishift pa ba ako?