Saturday, May 26, 2007

Aliw Bukas!

We already submitted our evaluation sheets at the Philippine Star office today. On Monday, our certificates are ready for pick-up. But my OJT at Woman Today Asia is still on-going. In fact, Madie and I will cover Nickelodeon's 2007 Kid's Choice Awards tomorrow at the Aliw Theater.

Each tickets given to us by Ms. Rhia admits two. Since we were given two tickets, it would mean four people can come to the party. Arene agreed to join us tomorrow but according to Madie, her decision isn't final yet. She might feel lazy anytime and decide not to come. Unfortunately, Grace wouldn't be able to come with us tomorrow too. She has her own appointment tomorrow din kasi.

I really don't know what to expect tomorrow but I hope this event becomes the grandest experience in my OJT. Excited nako! I wish to see celebrities and eat good food! Utang na loob naman. Of the three presscons/forums I've attended, egg sandwich na ang pinakaBONGGA kong nakain. Pambihira. Loser! Wahahaha.

Naku! Here I am again, naeexcite to the max. Tapos ang kadalasang nangyayari, madidisappoint lang ako pagdating ko sa mismong event. Sana naman this Nickelodeon thing won't fail me. Sna makita ko si Sam Concepcion. wahahahaha!

We'll bring our tape recorders and digi cams tomorrow! Hope to see some interesting people! ;p


Nakakatawa yung esmyuskee chorva sa PBB. kumusta naman ang karera ng snails?! wahahaha. pasenxa na, jologs ako eh ;p

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