Sunday, May 27, 2007

Emma Roberts is Nancy Drew

Get a Clue with Nancy Drew
By Debra Jane Bozar and Madelaine Joy Garcia

Solving mysteries and driving fast cars are typical stuffs for small town girl Nancy Drew. But for Emma Roberts, star of the new Nancy Drew movie, being in the lead role is a big time adventure in her “dream project”.

Emma admits she has never read the book series though she’s a self-proclaimed Harry Potter girl. “It’s really great. I’m rather nervous because so many generations have read the book and I have big shoes to fill. But I’m really excited and it’s going to be a lot of fun,” said the 16-year-old star in an interview.

The Sleuth goes to Hollywood--
Director Andrew Fleming opted not to modernize the all-time favorite teen detective. “But if we did, what’s the point? Why call her Nancy Drew?” Instead, he made Nancy’s surrounding rougher, ruder, and more dangerous by setting the plot in a bigger city-Hollywood!

“It's not based on any of the books — it's a new premise where Nancy Drew moves to Los Angeles and lives in an old movie star's house. It's filled with all sorts of adventures,” said the Aquamarine star. In her latest adventure, Nancy is out to unravel the mystery behind the death of movie star Dehlia Draycott.

The mermaid’s “unfabulous” undercover--
Emma’s first on-screen appearance was alongside Johnny Depp in the 2001 rated-R movie Blow. Since then, she has starred in other movies, Aquamarine being the latest, while doing her own TV series Unfabulous, that made her a household name, in Nickelodeon. She also released her first album last year, Unfabulous And More: Emma Roberts. “I sing and everything. So, we thought it would be cool to put out a soundtrack because everyone said how much they loved the songs. I’ve always like singing,” she said. The newly-hailed Female Star of Tomorrow in the recent Showest Award proudly shares that she did few of her own stunts as Nancy Drew: I get in a car chase and then I have to outrun a car. So that’s fun.

The Pretty Woman’s Niece--
Emma thinks her Aunt Julia’s Monalisa smile is the most striking common feature they have, while being good bakers comes next. “We make peanut butter cookies and chocolate chip scones.” She comes from a family of stars. Besides Academy Award-winner Julia Roberts, her father, Eric Roberts is also a movie star. But she doesn’t want to be forever stuck with the names of her dad and aunt. “I think it is really cool to be compared to her because she’s an amazing actress, but I do kind of want to make a name for myself and accomplish something on my own.”

Busy Bee--
Emma is now working on a comedy film to be shown in 2008 titled Wild Child. Her hit TV series is already running its second season. She’s also expected to appear in Camp Couture, Bras and Broomsticks, and Rodeo Gal. She has signed a contract with Dooney & Bourke, as their new spokesmodel. She is also designing her own Dooney & Bourke handbag, named after her.

Coming Soon--
Prior to the movie’s release on June 15, the director Flemming and producer Jerry Weintraub have verified a sequel with Emma still playing the role.


  1. ay nku!ill watch this.. have you read her book?? superb!pra cyang sherlock holmes wahaha!girlaloo! pa! cute may movie na pla ito..

  2. naku mau, d namin nabasa yun book. kaya nga hirap na hirap kami gawin yung review eh.. wahahaha! napublish na xa sa june1-15 issue ng woman taoday asia.. yipee! =)

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