Sunday, May 20, 2007


Now that I'm done with the showbiz article mentioned in my previous entry, the next thing to accomplish is the questionnaire for our thesis. If you're wondering why we are required to do something regarding our theses during the summer vacation, don't worry, I'm wondering as well. Harharhar. Joke lang.

Speaking of summer, shoots! Ang init sa Pilipinas. No wonder ang bilis pumasok sa ulo ng mga tao yung init. Haay. How I wish I'm in a another country that's cooler, better and problem-free. If there's such a place, I'll be able to leave all the negative vibes, people, thoughts, experiences, and feelings I have here. I definitely won't miss those kind of things. But how can I leave this tropical when all my valuable personal belongings [family, friends & happy memories] would be left behind? I wouldn't want to reside somewhere all alone and it's quite impossible to bring all of them along.

Another thing, leaving the country for the sake of running away from my predicaments is plain cowardice. Why not stay and face your troubles? They will sprout like mushrooms regardless of your location anyway. Plus, I'd still remain a coward despite a change of location. So whats the point of moving? Wahaha! How lowly is that? Okay, okay. Enough of the harsh perceptions of yourself, Dez. Be positive! ;p

Lastly, there's still no place like home! You might find this weird, but I miss my mom, my sister and our bed whenever I'm sleeping over at a friend's place. For me, that's enough proof that home is where the heart is. Ahahaha! Hello Dez? Is there anything more cheesy than that?! ;p

Yeah, and before I forget, our country has a lot of wonderful places to visit. I've seen some virgin spots a while ago in GMA 7's Sine Totoo. There's the Cagayan River, Walang Langit falls, Bolinao Giant Clams Sanctuary, and APO island. Oh, I'd love to go to APO island in Negros Oriental. It was Howie Severino who checked out the place. He was able to explore some coral reef and even dived from a mountain of rocks into the deep sea. The view from where he dived was magnificent. The corals as seen from above, were like human brain painted on a blue canvass. Hehe! Kahit pangit yung description ko of the corals, I must say, that's something I want to see myself and experience someday. San ka pa dba? Only in the Philippines!

Oh how I'd love to travel! If only I have all the riches in the world to support my capriciousness, I'll even bring all of you with me! Nyahaha. Dream on!

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