Friday, May 18, 2007


I have an article for Woman Today Asia that is due tomorrow and I haven't started on it yet. I have to write about the TOP TEN MOST PROMISING YOUNG STARS of today. In my list are: Marky Cielo, Gerald Anderson, Rayver Cruz, JC de Vera, Enchong Dee, Sam Concepcion, Joem Pascual, Matt Evans, Jake Cuenca, and Mikee Lee. Yeah, laugh at me for the kaBADUYan but honestly, i don't even know some of those on my list. That's the first reason why I'm having a hard time doing the article. The second is that I'm not inclined to this kind of topic. The third, is that maybe I'm a big time loser.

Yes, I am a loser in many ways. This is what I always think -- I'm no good in this field; I'm better off somewhere else; I'm doomed to be left behind by people I treasure; I'm bound for failure; I'm never gonna step up a level higher from mediocrity; and my life and I are equally crappy. But thinking those things doesn't make me feel any good. I believe, a good feeling is something that has no negative side effects. This is what I always want to feel -- fulfilled, appreciated, loved, accomplished, smart, uncrappy,  and meaningful. But I think those positive feelings are not achievable by just a lonesome effort. For me, the people around you could be of great help. Good thing i have a few beside me.

No matter how crappy I feel, I have this re-found friend who reminds me of how special each of us are, if not for everybody, at least for some caring people. This friend cheers me up whenever I feel depressed. This friend reacts on the way I lowly perceive myself and it feels good to be advised to regain the confidence, the pride, and the self-esteem you once lost, because after all, everybody needs the right amount of those three things in their lives.

Having this friend made me feel appreciated. Now, I feel better because there's one person, excluding my parents, who doesn't care about my weight, my figure, my facial features, my social status, my dumbness, my insecurities, and my imperfections. I'm glad to have a friend who is willing to listen and give advices without expecting anything in return.

It always feels good to be appreciated. It also feels great to have someone who listens intently to your stories and remembers every detail of it, someone who pays attention to you, and someone who helps you become a happier person. The feeling is far more pleasing than having someone criticize the way you look, the way you move, and the way you live your life. Thanks! I'm glad we're friends.

I hope everyone feels appreciated. HUUUUUUGSS!

Life is just a matter of perspective. I'm hoping to finally see that perfect view I've always longed to stare at.


  1. i always care bout you dez!!!
    cheer up!!! you're not a loser!
    you are blessed!!!
    mizzzz you!!! t.c. God bless

  2. thanks scent! touching naman. HUGS! mwah!


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