Thursday, May 10, 2007


I surprisingly woke up at around 8am. I connected to the Net to re-read Sir Jere’s instructions regarding the THESIS revisions. I also did some checking of my friendster, multiply and LJ accounts. After surfing the net, I dozed off again. I woke up before 12 and saw my phone in silent mode, blinking. My aunt called to tell me to meet her in the salon. She needed company and no one’s available so I said yes. Besides, I felt I badly need a haircut.

In the salon, the kuya/ate noticed how dry my hair was. He/she convinced me to have my hair hot oiled. And so, I said yes. Good thing my generous aunt paid for it. I’m saving for mom’s cake on mother’s day and for my other unnecessary cravings. Hehe!

That Alfaparf fluid used in my hair was just fragrant. That’s all. Hmp! After the salon experience, I didn’t feel better. I didn’t think the hot oil helped, neither did the haircut. I’m missing my long hair! Waaaaaahh! But the depressing feeling didn’t stop me from going to work.

I arrived at the press office late—an hour and a half late. I hadn’t had the chance to grab a bite for lunch but I wasn’t hungry that time naman. I sat beside JP, an intern of Business Mirror, also from UST. I tried to converse with him and he was kind enough to reply to my non-sense queries. After a while, Babsie and Jackie arrived. The four of us just talked until sir Jess called me.

He asked me to do an article about the rift between a Nueva Ecija Representative and a former Jaen Mayor. When I was half-way done, he said he’ll do the article himself so; I turned off the PC without saving my supposed-to-be article. After a while, he called me again. He told me to continue working on my article, print it out, and compare my work to his in tomorrow’s issue.

“Yes, I’ll compare a professional’s work with an amateur’s and won’t be surprised to find out you’re better.” Tsk ;c

[+] Nagbrownout sa office! Nakakatuwa, it was a more happy experience compared to a scary interaction with your boss.

Before leaving home for work, the skies poured cats and dogs. Everyone thought it was a blessing, especially for me because I had a very good excuse not to go to work. I texted my trainer and told him I can no longer leave our house since the streets were already flooded. He replied with a very long “K”.

That same day, we celebrated uncle bob’s birthday. Our relatives gathered in Marist to enjoy some merienda. The food was great, as usual. And the bonding session was fun. Later that day, my aunt played ballroom music and so, everyone danced, including two-year-old baby cousin, Wella.

I haven't been updating lately. A lot of things have transpired in a short span of time but before I recall everything. I just want to say, I'VE ALREADY WATCHED SPIDERMAN 3! Hahaha. I know it's nothing significant. I just feel happy having seen it.

I watched the movie with Madie and Djhay. After work, Madie and I met with Djhay at Gateway and bought tickets right away. We caught the 5:30 movie and managed to secure ourselves not-so-cool seats. The last few vacant seats were the ones at the front row so we agreed to grab the third row seats before they disappear in thin air. ;p

Before the movie started, we got to have a glimpse at some movies worth anticipating: Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean.

The movie ended at around 8 p.m. It was really a lengthy film that we found some boring moments in it. But overall, it was good and interesting, full of action and has superb effects. OK, I'm not that great a movie reviewer so I better leave that job to the PROs! :)

Madie had to go home ASAP. Djhay and I were supposed to have dinner but there wasn't enough space at the food court so we decided to go home na rin. I arrived home before 9, starving.

[+] This day, I realized how poor I am in commuting. The FX I rode went past through the place where I’m supposed to take off. And the jeepney bound for the House took another route, which was unfamiliar to me. I kind of panicked that time but I still managed to reach the press office safe and sound.

[+] Saw that "Please confirm change in relationship" message and it still pierces my heart the same way it did when I first read it.

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