Friday, May 11, 2007


After our meeting at Woman Today Asia, Madie and I went straight to RP to eat at Red Ribbon. Madie and I were craving for cakes. Too bad, my slice wasn't a chocolate mousse but the choco mallow cake was really good naman. While eating, Manang Arene arrived. The ever bad influence Manang Arene [hahaha! bleh] persuaded us to play bowling. I said yes after a pathetic attempt to convince them to pay for me. Haha!

We transferred to Sta. Lucia after lunch. Since we were just wearing slip-ons, we needed to buy socks for hygiene's sake. We also had to rent bowling shoes to be able to play. Surprisingly, I wore size 4 bowling shoes! Wuhoo!

I must say, I really enjoyed that time with my LRT mates. Although I didn't score well, I really had fun throwing that heavy bowling thing. In fact, Madie and I played three games, two of which, I lost. Nyahaha!

After bowling, we shot some hoops [naks!] at World of Fun. Hehe. We always play basketball whenever we go arcading. It was tiring. I think I'll experience pain in my right arm tonight because of the activities I did today. Hehe!

What's more fun was I didn't have to worry about work since my trainer texted me that he won't come to the press office today. WUHOO! ;p

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