Sunday, June 3, 2007

Pancit Lucban

Sine Totoo is airing in GMA and Ivan Mayrina is featuring different regional versions of our favorite PANCIT. Nakakagutom!

Anyways, I'm still working on my Multiply feature for Woman Today Asia. It will be my last article for my OJT and hopefully, it gets published. I've been working on this since Friday night. At this very moment, I've come up with an article 1,120 characters short of the required 3, 000 characters [with spaces]. Yeah, the article's too short for it to take me this long. Maybe it's just my PROCRASTINATION which delays the progress.

Dez wouldn't be Dez without the laziness and the "mamaya na" attitude. I know these characteristics of mine don't make a professional journalist. I just hope I overcome these attitudes so as to prepare myself for the profession I'm about to enter as I finish studying. Haha. Motherhood statements! PFT. Goodluck na lang sa akin.

The truth, I decided to write this entry kasi tinatamad pako magisip ng isusulat. Wahahaha! Sana mabigyan ko ng hustisya ang Multiply sa gagawin kong article. Wahahaha!

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