Tuesday, June 5, 2007


I'm through with every article I have to accomplish and as early as now, I can say My OJT at Woman Today Asia (WTA) is finally over. On Tuesday, Madie and I will have our evaluation forms signed by Ms. Rhia. Yipee!

Admittedly, I'm really not familiar with the said magazine. Sir Delon even blurted out a violent reaction when he learned we were affiliated with it. He gave out a "Yuck" in front of Madie. But I really have to say, I liked my work at the magazine compared with my work at Star.

With WTA, I have a fun, youthful, cool trainee. Ms. Rhia totally rocks. She’s not the scary type. Plus, she’s open to suggestions and is not grumpy. In fact, she willingly approved my Multiply.com suggestion. She also texts us in a very warm manner.

In my experience with WTA, the most exciting was my Multiply article. The article has a part wherein I have to enumerate some local celebrities with Multiply accounts. I had fun searching for websites of artists. Ahahaha!

And then, there’s KC Concepcion’s account. I am totally in awe after seeing the 281 replies in her single entry. Just imagine the overwhelming number of visitors of her site. Who wouldn’t want the popularity? But if everyone becomes popular, nobody would be popular. Besides, there are a lot of disadvantages of being popular din naman. One of them is that you lose the privacy you want.

But then, masaya pa rin yata maging sikat. Wat u think?


  1. Haha...avid reader ako ng site ni KC =) Ang bilis n'yo naman...Pero kahit 'di gaano sikat 'yung WTA e at least we got to voice out our suggestions tas na-aapprove pa kaya masaya pa rin. Plus, super bait pa ni Ms.Rhia =)

  2. super bait nia talaga! as in.. at nagenjoy din naman ako sa WTA! =)


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