Monday, August 13, 2007

I'm a Lucky Bitch!

Yes, I really am lucky today. Even without any appointment, I was able to interview the coach of UST's football team, Marjo Allado. Originally, I came to school to interview a football player, Johnson Lee. Then I thought I could just ask Johnson after the interview about their coach's whereabouts so I can have an expert source.

Since Johnson was still missing in action, Madie and I headed to the field to check on the football players who were having their practice. Luckily, we stumbled upon Manong who pointed us the head coach of the football team. Ayun na! Coach Marjo was kind enough and said yes.

The interview pretty much consumed the whole side A of my microtape. Coach was really mabait and accommodating. He even told me he's also from AB. Kaya ayun, medyo palagay din siguro sya dahil we both came from one faculty.

As for my interview with Johnson, it went alright as well. But I guess I'll stick with my interview with their coach. What really struck me was Johnson's response when asked about what he felt regarding the special treatment given to the basketball team when they won the championships. He told me, "Para sa akin, masakit yun syempre. Parang nakakainggit yun. Mas maganda sana kung pantay-pantay dahil nagchampion din naman kami."

Compared with the extravagant treat [trip to HongKong] given to the basketball team, the treat given to the football team is way inexpensive--pinakain sila sa China Town.

Coach's explanation, however, was that basketball is a more celebrated sport than football. Also, both teams had different managers. They understood the situations both teams were in. What's more important, according to coach, is that his players remain humble and that their efforts are still recognized.

I just hope I was able to gather enough information to make a non-profile article. Wish me luck on this! The UAAP football games are scheduled on January, meaning, I won't be able to cover and write about them. I'm left with no other choice but to write something "newsy."

Waaah! I really hope I'd be lucky enough to make a decent article out of the interview. I really need good grades to save my life. But then, I can not depend on luck alone. Wika nga, mas mahirap pa rin talunin ang "MASWERTE NA, MAGALING PA." Plus, it would really be more fulfilling to achieve things because I did my best shot at it and not just because of pure luck.


  1. tagline ng uste yan hah? yung mahirap talunin ang maswerte na, magaling pa. sev sarmienta, aug 4, 2007. (= buti may pinatunguhan ang pagpunta mo sa uste..astig..haha

  2. yup, dun ko nga yun narinig imee! ehehe. UST vs Ateneo pa ata yun. wuhoo!


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