Thursday, September 27, 2007

wag kang SALBAHE!

While researching for our documentary in BROADCASTjournalism, I came across with this website which defines Filipinos in a very rude way.

Hindi ko alam kung bakit ako nagagalit. Marahil, hindi ko matanggap na gayun ang tingin sa atin ng ibang mga lahi. Nagagalit ako dahil alam kong talagang kagaguhan lang yung nakasulat sa website na iyon. Marahil din, nagagalit ako dahil hindi ko matanggap na may bahid ng katotohanan ang kanyang mga opinyon.

Pilipino ako, wala na lang pakialaman. Kung sino man ang nagsulat nito, MAMAMATAY ka rin, tandaan mo yan!

Filipino--people from an island located in southeast asia (not east asia) called philippines.

living here for more than 5 years.. i find that most filipinos are:

1. lazy
(if you wanna get something done in this country you gotta wait at least 2 weeks.. when you can get it done in 3 days in the states.. -filipinos, come on it's true.. if you've never gone out of your country well too bad)

2. filipinos think all the foreigners are rich

3. their language sounds annoying..
(tagal tagal mahal ko kang yang kayo nang)

4. filipino women are desperate to marry foreigners..
because the filipino men are too poor they wanna get out of poverty through marrying a rich foreigner (usually age of 60+ you can see a lot of filipino young woman& white old grandpa couples in the philippines)

5. filipinos think that the philippines is better than indonesia or malaysia or other neighboring countries of southeast asia when they're all equally poor

6. they are like little kids. they just wanna hve fun that's why their country's so poor

7. They think UP, which is apparently... the best university in the philippines .. is one of the top universities of the world. when in fact, its rank is so low that its name is no where to be found on the booklet of top 500 universities in the world (a supplement to Time in 2002)

>>segue: Baka kasi UST daw ang the best university, d kaya? wahahaha. BIASED, oo na!

5' is tall in this country.

9. they are noisy.
their babbling mouths never shut up.

10. filipinos are desperate american wanna bes and they're such copy cats they must copy everything from the states like their tv shows and they wanna have their children born in the states so that they can be american citizens

11. their taglish or watever it's called, which is mixture of their language called tagalog and english, is ANNOYING don't fuck our language up why do you must copy everything from us just speak your damn language don't mix it with ours and make it sound hella fucking irritating and annoying

12. their diet is meat and rice

Okay i see you think pacific islanders are better than asians sorry if im not mistaken the philippines is one of the poorest countries in asia, i mean the world

and why are you so proud of having spanish blood? does that make you feel superior or something? oh maybe cuz pure filipino blood is so inferior that you just wanna feel better about yourself by embellishing your ignoble history of 3000 years of being enslaved by the spanish?

and hello, the pacific islanders? your ancestors look like monkeys okay they look like homosapiens with messed up teeth and extraordinarily short height

well maybe it was lucky for the filipinos to have the spanish enslave them they're still ugly but not as ugly as before

KFC here sucks they sell fried chickens with rice what the hell

english with filipino accent is freaken annoying

filipinos have messed up teeth


Sunday, September 16, 2007

jet's cookieng kinagat

ang batang mahilig mangapitbahay--si jet2! At sa bahay na ito, siya ang super star dahil syempre, instant baby sister sya sa amin ni mogs. ehehehe!

buti pa si megs may cookie moments with jet2! hmp!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Our visit at the Social Weather Station was really surprising and very productive. It was surrprising, well, because the place looked more of a residential building and less on an office or a library. Also, I was expecting their library to be the help-your-self, use-the-database-system, squeeze-every-keyword-you-got-in-mind type of library. But lo and behold, SILA ANG NAGSILBI SA AMIN DOON. And as Anne would put it, researching there was so easy because you get to talk to a human OPAC (the electronic card catalog we use in our library at school). There was this super efficient and helpful and soft-spoken library assistant (whose name is Marc~tinandaan ko talaga?) who made our visit productive. We just told him every information we wanted to have, and he did all the finding. ANG GALING TALAGA! Our 75pesos entrance/research fee was worth it. But wait, there's more! With the 75pesos, comes five free pages of photocopied materials. Not bad, right? But then when you exceed the quota, you'll have to pay 10pesos for each additional pages. Being the wise students that the three of us were (I was with Anne and Judy), we just copied the additional information we needed so as not to exceed five pages. HEHE!

There, I just wanted to share the experience. Super cool talaga. I guess our library at school should also hire human OPACs. HEHEHE, whatever Dez!

Oh, Shiela was also very kind to help us locate the place. Since her home is just around the vicinity, she met with after our research and helped us find our ways home. Thanks!


It's now 3:30 in the morning. I just woke up 30minutes ago and I still have to write reaction papers for tomorow's LITCRIT reports. I haven't eaten dinner, and I'm munching on FITA biscuits and drinking Coke. Haay, I want a real meal but I'm so TAMD to make one. HEHE!



Friday, September 7, 2007

My Philosophy [or the lack of it]

Just after some circumstances I encountered after class, I came to realize that going with the flow is not always a good thing to do. It makes you tend to neglect what you really want. When you conform to what the majority want at all times, how about the choices your heart desires?

Sad to say, there are a lot people who disregard their own choices for the sake of going with the flow, of satisfying what other people want. I'm not sure how many those people are but one thing is certain--I am one of them.

I go with the flow because I do not like arguing with others. Just for the sake of a peaceful relationship with people around me, I concede to every choice they make. But Nietzsche's philosophy made me realize that going with the flow (especially when the flow is not what you really want and not what's good for you), represses the order of nature.

I'll put into my own words what our professor discussed and I hope I do this right. Given the premises mentioned above, I think going with the flow is like ignoring a crooked flow of things. In theory, nature should correct the crooked flow. If one thinks a flow is crooked, he/she should do something about it. But by going with it, it continues and will continue to be wrong.

Even if I realized such an absurd thing, I'd still go with the flow only this time, I'd choose when to follow and when not to. Wahahaha! Labo noh?

There. Kung mali ang interpretation ko nung lesson, engot lang talaga ako. Wag kayo magpapaniwala sa mga pinagsasabi ko dito.