Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Our visit at the Social Weather Station was really surprising and very productive. It was surrprising, well, because the place looked more of a residential building and less on an office or a library. Also, I was expecting their library to be the help-your-self, use-the-database-system, squeeze-every-keyword-you-got-in-mind type of library. But lo and behold, SILA ANG NAGSILBI SA AMIN DOON. And as Anne would put it, researching there was so easy because you get to talk to a human OPAC (the electronic card catalog we use in our library at school). There was this super efficient and helpful and soft-spoken library assistant (whose name is Marc~tinandaan ko talaga?) who made our visit productive. We just told him every information we wanted to have, and he did all the finding. ANG GALING TALAGA! Our 75pesos entrance/research fee was worth it. But wait, there's more! With the 75pesos, comes five free pages of photocopied materials. Not bad, right? But then when you exceed the quota, you'll have to pay 10pesos for each additional pages. Being the wise students that the three of us were (I was with Anne and Judy), we just copied the additional information we needed so as not to exceed five pages. HEHE!

There, I just wanted to share the experience. Super cool talaga. I guess our library at school should also hire human OPACs. HEHEHE, whatever Dez!

Oh, Shiela was also very kind to help us locate the place. Since her home is just around the vicinity, she met with after our research and helped us find our ways home. Thanks!


It's now 3:30 in the morning. I just woke up 30minutes ago and I still have to write reaction papers for tomorow's LITCRIT reports. I haven't eaten dinner, and I'm munching on FITA biscuits and drinking Coke. Haay, I want a real meal but I'm so TAMD to make one. HEHE!



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