Friday, September 7, 2007

My Philosophy [or the lack of it]

Just after some circumstances I encountered after class, I came to realize that going with the flow is not always a good thing to do. It makes you tend to neglect what you really want. When you conform to what the majority want at all times, how about the choices your heart desires?

Sad to say, there are a lot people who disregard their own choices for the sake of going with the flow, of satisfying what other people want. I'm not sure how many those people are but one thing is certain--I am one of them.

I go with the flow because I do not like arguing with others. Just for the sake of a peaceful relationship with people around me, I concede to every choice they make. But Nietzsche's philosophy made me realize that going with the flow (especially when the flow is not what you really want and not what's good for you), represses the order of nature.

I'll put into my own words what our professor discussed and I hope I do this right. Given the premises mentioned above, I think going with the flow is like ignoring a crooked flow of things. In theory, nature should correct the crooked flow. If one thinks a flow is crooked, he/she should do something about it. But by going with it, it continues and will continue to be wrong.

Even if I realized such an absurd thing, I'd still go with the flow only this time, I'd choose when to follow and when not to. Wahahaha! Labo noh?

There. Kung mali ang interpretation ko nung lesson, engot lang talaga ako. Wag kayo magpapaniwala sa mga pinagsasabi ko dito.


  1. ahahahha!natawa naman ako dun sa huli, "wag magpapaniwala " :)

  2. wow, buti ka pa nakikinig sa lesson, ako hindi e. =) "go with the damn flow" used to be my motto pero to me it was like, "do not interfere with the course of nature" kasi. haha. =) that's a good realization right there, dhez. mwah. =)


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