Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Okay, Doc. Awkward!

Today, I decided to go to the hospital for a urinalysis and a long overdue check-up. This recurring UTI of mine has taken its toll on me. I was starting to be alarmed. So after work, I immediately headed to the nearby hospital.

After reading the result of my urinalysis, the doctor asked me if I have any idea on how UTI can be acquired. I answered with the things I already know of -- holding one's pee [Nope, not the literal "holding" of the pee, ok?], too much intake of salty food, and poor hygiene. I had to tell the doctor that I have good hygiene. Mahirap na, baka isipin nya mapanghi ako. LOL.

And from there, he lectured on UTI and the bacteria that causes it. He said that women are more prone to having the infection. Since women have shorter urethra than men, it's easier and faster for bacteria to travel upward the female urinary tract. Things were really informative until his lecture reached the awkward topic of sexual intercourse. He said that sexual intercourse is a risk factor for UTI. So, if ever I'll decide to do it with a special someone, "we" have to make sure that everything is clean and bacteria-free. He continued by asking me if "may ka-contact" ba ako. Yikes! How can you do that, doc?!  Okay, that was really, really awkward. Even my Mom is reluctant in asking me that question and giving me that lecture. She only subtly gives an advise or two when she gets the right timing.
Okay, it wasn't the first time I was asked that question. This was the first time I was asked by a guy. Before, by my OB Gyne, who is a girl, asked me the same question when I consulted her regarding my overly irregular menstrual cycle. Well, I guess doctors are too medical and professional to be sleazy.

So after flushing for a few seconds right there, I started to be comfortable again to ask him questions regarding my UTI. And since I'm trying to get the most of my consultation fee, I didn't hesitate to ask him about my "nail fail."

It's too scary to think that in order to cure this nail fail, it has to be pulled out of my finger completely. But for now, I still have to wait if it'll grow back to its normal form. Good luck.


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Northern Lights: Aurora Borealis ♥

I had once mentioned on Facebook that I will see the Auroras before I die. That wish of mine will remain in my bucket list for a couple more years or decades. The northern lights [Aurora Borealis] and the southern lights [Aurora Australis] are just so fascinating. I bet witnessing it in real life beats watching the World Pyromusical Olympics.

On Yahoo!News, I came across this article about Aurora Borealis. These stunning northern lights covered the ash-filled atmosphere above the erupting volcano, Eyjafjallajokull, in Iceland.

Here's the link for the article.

Here's a video of the northern lights by National Geographic. This is in a different location, though. Norway.


Fan Girl Mode

Let me clear things first. I am not a Twihard. No. I am not. I only re-read the books when I want to, re-watch my DVDs of the two Twilight movies when I feel like it, and catch movie updates in just one website. Everything stops there. And oh, well, I also post trailers of the movies in my sites. If I get really excited, I also write commentaries about the trailers. ;D

Here goes the official theatrical trailer of 
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

Pardon the video size. You may watch it in full screen naman.

I'm not really a big fan of the third book, but I must say, the trailer really sparked my interest.

♥ I really think Riley [played by Xavier Samuel] is hot.
♥ Is that the momentous proposal of Edward? Is it the engagement ring he's handing over to Bella?
♥ Where is the tent scene? I hope they include it in the next trailers. I want to see how Edward looks like when he's jealous.
♥ I'm still really confused with Edward. Sometimes, i think he's really gorgeous, but most of the time, he sports a haggard face.
♥ Bella is wearing a wig pero hindi halata. Yey!

I can't wait. On June 30, it's my turn to treat my boss for this movie. We declared last November, after watching New Moon, that we'll be Twilight movies buddies. Excited!


Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Only in the Philippines are these words irrelevant and unrelated: PRESIDENT, JUSTICE SECRETARY, FREEDOM, and JUSTICE.

Two suspects (Zaldy and Akmad Ampatuan) in the murder of 57 people in Maguindanao were FREED two days ago, NO thanks to recently appointed Department of Justice Secretary Alberto Agra. This is just WOW. I'll be even more wowed if Agra frees the notorious Andal Ampatuan himself.

 I can't believe it. And after all the killings, the fishy court trials, and the stupid I-don't-understand-Tagalog-and-English gimmick, this prime suspect calls for a press con just to announce his endorsement of a presidential candidate. The media even described him as "fresh" during the press con. Puh-lease! Talk about privileges nga naman. Tss.

Never say die, Ampatuan. LABAN!

Monday, April 19, 2010

COMELEC is Now Online

The May 2010 presidential election is just a few weeks away. Have you registered already? If yes, and you still don't have an idea where to vote, here's a link that will be of great help.

Yup, COMELEC is now online [since 2001 pa pala, actually]. This service of theirs called Precinct Finder makes it easier for voters, especially the first-timers, to locate their polling places. All you have to do is fill out their Registration Verification Form, click Find Now, and viola! You instantly have your Voter's Info and Registration Details.

Voting is our only chance to choose as far as political matters are concerned. By voting, we show we care; and we express our desires for the future of our country. Apathy is not what our country needs right now. Kaya sana, maluklok sa puwesto ang karapat-dapat na kandidato dahil sa matalinong pagboto ng mga Pilipino. Naks! Makabayan?

I am honestly excited to vote not just because of the automation, but also because it's my first time to vote for a PRESIDENT.

Thanks to my HS batchmate, Kristine A., who posted the link! ;)


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Two Years, and Counting

Exactly two years ago, I started my first job as an assistant editor. Even before my graduation, I was already hired for the job. I was only given 18  days to enjoy my summer vacation and then, I was off to work.

In between graduation and my first official workday, I received a text message from ABS-CBN, inviting to me take an exam for a writing job. And so, taking into consideration that I might earn big bucks at ABS-CBN, I took the exam and even reached the interview with the department heads. I waited days for their call regarding the final interview, but I have already started with my editing job when they texted so I didn't bother showing up for the interview. I was going to be hired in this HUGE corporation but i opted to purse my editing job. It was a dilemma for me at first, but after thoroughly comparing both jobs, I realized I'd be more fulfilled as an editor because I'm not really a good news writer. Plus, they're not paying more than the salary I'm getting in the first company. Win-win.

I took my vacationing cousin to see the PBB house after the interview.

My job, I must say, isn't as exciting and as fabulous as my batch mates'. Even my boss, seemingly aware of the tediousness of the job, asked me during the final interview if I could stand such a boring stint. Since I am a boring person myself, I immediately responded that I am certain this job is for me.

So what do I do as an editor? Simple. I laze around all day. NOT.

Honestly, I have developed a love-hate relationship with my job. It's both easy and difficult at the same time. Easy, because it's what I like to do. Difficult, because it is draining my intellectual juices.

My workload varies from time to time. But now that classes are resuming, I am facing bundles of manuscripts to edit. It's difficult enough to accomplish bundles of pending manuscripts. But if these manuscripts are nose-bleed-inducing, expect my mood to be all screwed. I am currently working on a Physics manuscript. And since my only encounter with the subject matter was in High School, I'm really having a difficult time doing the job. Not only do I have to make sure the grammar is A-okay; I also have to check the validity of the contents, which surprisingly, are somewhat confusing for a reference book.

Despite the challenging nature of the job, I still think I'm doing good at it and I am committed to be better. That is why I'm going back to school. I really, really, really hope my application gets accepted. As I said in my application letter, "Through this degree, I believe that I will be able to surpass expectations, hone my skills, expand my knowledge, and contribute more to society. Should I be admitted, I trust that this degree will help me be more competent in my job, come up with well-edited textbooks, and therefore be a better steward of learning. This degree will enable me to contribute much to the improvement of the quality of the Filipino youth’s education."

Yes, the letter is that mushy, right? But I really am that dedicated to this job. It's the least I can do for the Philippines. Naks!

I believe education is the only key to lift the employment issues the country has long been experiencing. Although a diploma does not assure every Filipino a well-paying job, still educated ones are on the priority list. My point: I have seen relatives who can't find a decent job because they have not finished their studies. And so, if I can contribute to improving the quality of education in the Philippines by coming up with well-edited books, I'll continue what I've started.

So, cheers! Here's to two years of loving and hating my job! ;)


Hello again, BLOGGING

Today, I decided to start blogging again. After revisiting my Multiply account, I realized that I used to love writing about random things and that I should do that more often now. I shouldn’t let lame thoughts, important memories, and unforgettable experiences just fly and be forgotten; they should be documented.

I know my life is not really that busy and interesting, so the challenge for me is to keep this blog alive; not so much of entertaining my readers, if there’s any.

For this blog entry, I want to talk about our meeting with my former prof, Sir Jere Opiniano. Budang and I met him at the PSSC building along Commonwealth Avenue last Friday since I asked him to do my recommendation letter for my back-to-school plans.

While he was scribbling, he asked me, “Cum laude ka ba, Bozar?” I immediately answered, “Hindi po, pero muntik na.” Then, Budang butted in, “Hindi nya kasi inayos eh.”

I remembered that moment in college when I learned I was .03 points short of being part of the honor roll. It was excruciating, of course. I even cried in front of my friends. Their hugs of comfort helped, but the thought that my parents would be disappointed was really difficult to bear.

Despite the panghihinayang, I was firm with my decision to just accept my fate and move on. My friends prodded me to talk to a few professors and ask them if they could help me, but I thought there is no point in doing that because I really didn’t make it. Even if I would be able to convince some professors to change my grades so that I’ll graduate cum laude, the fact still remains: I didn’t make it.

I didn’t want the feeling of being fooled. Sure, I’ll graduate with honors, but is that an award I can really be proud of? Will I be comfortable declaring to the world that I’m an honor student when in fact, I really didn’t make it the first try? I know people won’t be impressed with me when they found out that I only got the award because I begged for it from professors. My conscience didn’t like the idea, so I moved on.

Sir Jere and I share the same sentiment. “Sus. Dapat wala nang ayos-ayos pa,” he said. He even ranted that professors shouldn’t be involved in such compromises. When grades are released, they should be final. “Ang pangit naman na cum laude ka nga, pero olats naman magsulat,” he said, referring to our batch mate who asked him for help. “Si Lourd de Veyra nga, hindi naka-graduate pero ang galing-galing nya. Hindi naman talaga sukatan ang grades. Nasa galing yan.”

I agree with Jere. When someone is great, it is not the grades that will define him/her. It’s his/her capabilities.