Saturday, April 24, 2010

Fan Girl Mode

Let me clear things first. I am not a Twihard. No. I am not. I only re-read the books when I want to, re-watch my DVDs of the two Twilight movies when I feel like it, and catch movie updates in just one website. Everything stops there. And oh, well, I also post trailers of the movies in my sites. If I get really excited, I also write commentaries about the trailers. ;D

Here goes the official theatrical trailer of 
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

Pardon the video size. You may watch it in full screen naman.

I'm not really a big fan of the third book, but I must say, the trailer really sparked my interest.

♥ I really think Riley [played by Xavier Samuel] is hot.
♥ Is that the momentous proposal of Edward? Is it the engagement ring he's handing over to Bella?
♥ Where is the tent scene? I hope they include it in the next trailers. I want to see how Edward looks like when he's jealous.
♥ I'm still really confused with Edward. Sometimes, i think he's really gorgeous, but most of the time, he sports a haggard face.
♥ Bella is wearing a wig pero hindi halata. Yey!

I can't wait. On June 30, it's my turn to treat my boss for this movie. We declared last November, after watching New Moon, that we'll be Twilight movies buddies. Excited!

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