Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hello again, BLOGGING

Today, I decided to start blogging again. After revisiting my Multiply account, I realized that I used to love writing about random things and that I should do that more often now. I shouldn’t let lame thoughts, important memories, and unforgettable experiences just fly and be forgotten; they should be documented.

I know my life is not really that busy and interesting, so the challenge for me is to keep this blog alive; not so much of entertaining my readers, if there’s any.

For this blog entry, I want to talk about our meeting with my former prof, Sir Jere Opiniano. Budang and I met him at the PSSC building along Commonwealth Avenue last Friday since I asked him to do my recommendation letter for my back-to-school plans.

While he was scribbling, he asked me, “Cum laude ka ba, Bozar?” I immediately answered, “Hindi po, pero muntik na.” Then, Budang butted in, “Hindi nya kasi inayos eh.”

I remembered that moment in college when I learned I was .03 points short of being part of the honor roll. It was excruciating, of course. I even cried in front of my friends. Their hugs of comfort helped, but the thought that my parents would be disappointed was really difficult to bear.

Despite the panghihinayang, I was firm with my decision to just accept my fate and move on. My friends prodded me to talk to a few professors and ask them if they could help me, but I thought there is no point in doing that because I really didn’t make it. Even if I would be able to convince some professors to change my grades so that I’ll graduate cum laude, the fact still remains: I didn’t make it.

I didn’t want the feeling of being fooled. Sure, I’ll graduate with honors, but is that an award I can really be proud of? Will I be comfortable declaring to the world that I’m an honor student when in fact, I really didn’t make it the first try? I know people won’t be impressed with me when they found out that I only got the award because I begged for it from professors. My conscience didn’t like the idea, so I moved on.

Sir Jere and I share the same sentiment. “Sus. Dapat wala nang ayos-ayos pa,” he said. He even ranted that professors shouldn’t be involved in such compromises. When grades are released, they should be final. “Ang pangit naman na cum laude ka nga, pero olats naman magsulat,” he said, referring to our batch mate who asked him for help. “Si Lourd de Veyra nga, hindi naka-graduate pero ang galing-galing nya. Hindi naman talaga sukatan ang grades. Nasa galing yan.”

I agree with Jere. When someone is great, it is not the grades that will define him/her. It’s his/her capabilities.

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