Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Okay, Doc. Awkward!

Today, I decided to go to the hospital for a urinalysis and a long overdue check-up. This recurring UTI of mine has taken its toll on me. I was starting to be alarmed. So after work, I immediately headed to the nearby hospital.

After reading the result of my urinalysis, the doctor asked me if I have any idea on how UTI can be acquired. I answered with the things I already know of -- holding one's pee [Nope, not the literal "holding" of the pee, ok?], too much intake of salty food, and poor hygiene. I had to tell the doctor that I have good hygiene. Mahirap na, baka isipin nya mapanghi ako. LOL.

And from there, he lectured on UTI and the bacteria that causes it. He said that women are more prone to having the infection. Since women have shorter urethra than men, it's easier and faster for bacteria to travel upward the female urinary tract. Things were really informative until his lecture reached the awkward topic of sexual intercourse. He said that sexual intercourse is a risk factor for UTI. So, if ever I'll decide to do it with a special someone, "we" have to make sure that everything is clean and bacteria-free. He continued by asking me if "may ka-contact" ba ako. Yikes! How can you do that, doc?!  Okay, that was really, really awkward. Even my Mom is reluctant in asking me that question and giving me that lecture. She only subtly gives an advise or two when she gets the right timing.
Okay, it wasn't the first time I was asked that question. This was the first time I was asked by a guy. Before, by my OB Gyne, who is a girl, asked me the same question when I consulted her regarding my overly irregular menstrual cycle. Well, I guess doctors are too medical and professional to be sleazy.

So after flushing for a few seconds right there, I started to be comfortable again to ask him questions regarding my UTI. And since I'm trying to get the most of my consultation fee, I didn't hesitate to ask him about my "nail fail."

It's too scary to think that in order to cure this nail fail, it has to be pulled out of my finger completely. But for now, I still have to wait if it'll grow back to its normal form. Good luck.


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