Saturday, May 29, 2010

UP, up, and away ♥

It's still semi-official, but since I'm too excited, I'm going to say it anyway. I'm going back to school!! Yey! I can't believe I passed the exam, though. I really thought my answers were ridiculous as I only made them up. But OMG, I pulled it off and I'm going to be a student again. I hope this works out. I hope to get a good schedule. I hope I won't get lazy after a while. I hope I don't get intimidated and shy.  I hope I don't screw this up. I hope I'd be able to be good at this. Yay! Now that's one accomplished item in my bucket list. *applause*

Anyway. Here's a cool poem I encountered during the entrance exam. I really had no idea about who the author was and so, I read the poem and just wrote imbento answers to the questions, trying to sound as smart as I can. Little did I know that the author is a national artist. Yikes. What can i say? I got a 3.0 in Literary Criticism back in college.

Sa Poetry
by Rolando S. Tinio 
Sa Poetry, you let things take shape.
Para bang nagpapatulo ng isperma sa tubig.
You start siyempre with memories,
‘Yung medyo malagkit, kahit mais
Na mais: love lost, dead dreams,
Rotten silences, and all
Manner of mourning basta’t murder.
Papatak ‘yan sa papel, ano. Parang pait,
Kakagat ang typewriter keys
You sit up like the mother of anxieties.
Hanggang makuha perfectly ang trick.
Worried na worried hanggang magsalakip
Ang odds and ends ng inamag mong pag-ibig.
Jigsaw puzzle, Kung minsan everything fits.
Pero sige ang Pasada ng images
At parang amateur magician kang bilib
Sa sleight-of-hand na pinapraktis:
Nagsilid ng hangin sa buslo, dumukot,
By golly, see what you’ve got-
Bouquet of African daisies,
Kabit-kabit na kerchief,
Kung suwerte pa, a couple of pigeons,
Huhulagpos, beblend sa katernong horizon,
You can’t say na kung kailan hahapon.

Since it's a Friday and a payday, I decided to treat myself for such an accomplishment [if I may call it] with a Venti White Mocha Frappe, plus foot spa and pedicure.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Zambales is my second home.

Though I am not a beach person, I have to say that Zambales beaches never fail to hold me spell-bound with their charm. Some four years ago, I was held captive by the exquisiteness of the Capones and the Camera Islands. I enjoyed the beach so much, I wanted to stay there for a longer period of time. 

We toured Zambales in 2006 because of a school project. Notice how thin we were. Sigh. Those were the days.

During the Labor Day long weekend, I came back to Zambales to get away from work and life related stress. Just like before, I only have good things to say about the beaches. For our first day, we had a photo shoot at La Paz beach during sunset. I had posted an entry about that experience already. For our second day, we went to two beaches. 

First Stop: Anawangin
Teeming with naturally beautiful land and seascapes, it's no wonder Anawangin is frequented by travelers and nature-lovers who want a taste of life away from civilization, a la Survivor. In this place, cellphone reception is very bad, water supply is only from a single poso, and makeshift toilets and baths are sure box office hits. But these discomforts are compensated by the wonderful scenery. In this place, nature speaks its beauty.

[1] Good thing we didn't have to pay the entrance fee. BF's mom knows the owner. [2] We did some hiking / mountain climbing.
View from the top :)
Classic jump shot.
Wading in the estuary. 
Some silly but fun "Agua" shot. Lol.

My only disappointment is that the place is no longer "virgin" as it was used to be known as. By the time of our visit, the place was already owned and commercialized, cigarette butts were everywhere, and broken liquor  bottles afloat. I have to say the jellyfish were also big fat epals.

Anawangin is picturesque. I hope people don't end up destroying this wonderful place.

Next Stop: Camara Islands
These islands are famous because they are interestingly connected by a sand bar when the tides are low. One may swim in either shores and travel by foot from one island to another through this sand bar. However, during our visit, the sand bar wasn't there, probably because of high tide. As a result, we were only able to stay in one of the islands.

The sand bar used to be here.
Scenic view.
Whiter sand, clearer waters.
Classic jump shot part 2 :)

It's really fun to travel, especially when you share these happy moments with good company. Looking forward to more travel sprees with friends and family!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Mojon and Lucban Festivities

Last Saturday, at 5 in the morning, I was already on my way, hurrying to the office to meet my workmates. We were scheduled to leave at 5:15 a.m. and as always, I was running late. Good thing, some of my other workmates arrived later than I did. We took off at around 5:30.

After 6 hours on the road, no thanks to heavy traffic, we reached Barangay Mojon, Pila, Laguna. To keep us entertained while his helpers prepared food, our CEO gave 13 of us 40Php each so we can play "In Between" with him.

In Between is a card game in which each player is initially given two cards by the dealer. After seeing the cards, the players decide whether they'll play or pass. The goal of those who gambled their cards is to have the third unknown card fall in between the first two cards given to them. For example, if you have an ace and a jack, your third card should be any of the following to be able to win: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10. The winning players will have their bets doubled; otherwise, their bets will go to the pot.

It's a thrilling moment when the third card is being revealed. The player who triumphs savors the winning moment with matching applause from the rest of the players, including me, who didn't really win. It was a game of chance and unfortunately, after a few attempts, I lost the 40Php starting money and more. I guess I'm really not lucky in gambling and in life in general. Huhu. In fact, I even channeled my kamalasan to some of my workmates. I was like Midas. Only my touch turned every card not into gold, but into the sure loss of the bettor. I think they hated me after that game. LOL. We had lunch right after.

It was bloat-your-stomach-as-much-as-you-could day. Lunch at our boss' home was sumptuous and plenty. Food was also overflowing in the homes of our workmates who were from Mojon as well. We tried to visit every workmate's house and ate every delectable meal served, to our stomachs' extent.

We were called for by our boss in the middle of our house-hopping. He wanted us to see the band play. We were serenaded Mojon-style! They played Nobody and Igiling-giling. I bet the guys enjoyed the view of the majorettes' legs. Haha!

In the afternoon, we started our road trip to Lucban, Quezon to experience Pahiyas 20-Ten. I was asleep most of the trip. But when it felt hot, I woke up. Apparently, the aircon was turned off because we were traveling uphill. 

For our short stop over, we took pictures with Mt. Banahaw as our background.

We reached Lucban, Quezon at around 5 in the afternoon. We were served Pancit Habhab for meryenda and boy was it addicting! After settling in the house we are staying, we took off to see the Pahiyas houses.

After a tiring 2-hour walk, we freshened up, gulped a few shots of lambanog, and went to bed. The next day, we toured some more as we bought pasalubongs and then visited Kamay ni Hesus.

We made the most of our road trip by having a pit stop at Majayjay falls. After about 15 minutes of walk, we reached the first [of seven] waterfall. The water there was SSOOO cold. It was really refreshing. This stop over was made even more special by Pansit Habhab! Yey.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

On Sequels and Paella

"I have successfully privatized world peace."
~Tony Stark

Yesterday was date night with the beau, my Muffin, mi Budang. He wanted to watch Iron Man 2. And so, being the loving wifey that I am, I offered my services to be his movie buddy in exchange for dinner at Conti's. We met at Trinoma after work and had dinner first.

I ordered their Apple Potato Salad, Paella Madrilena, and Viennese Mocha Torte. Well, the first time I got to taste the salad in one meeting I attended, I immediately liked it probably because of the potatoes [my favorite vegetable ;p] and the mayo-mustard dressing.

I chose Paella because I thought, it had everything in it--chicken, sea food, and of course rice. The paella did not disappoint. Its sea food taste from the prawns and some shrimp paste went well with the chicken. It also has diced carrots and sayote, corn kernels, and hard-boiled eggs. Oh! There was pepperoni too. Or was it not pepperoni? I don't know. It was filling, I must say.

Budang and I enjoyed the cake while we were in the movies. I chose that particular flavor simply because I love coffee and I'm not a fan of fruit-flavored sweets. I usually stick with chocolate and coffee-flavored thinga majiggs. I wanted to try their blueberry cheesecake, but I  was sure I can no longer accommodate another slice of cake in my stomach.

FIVE stars. All of them were good, really good. I'm no expert in food reviews, but I thought they were all delicious, palatable, yummy, nom-nom-nom-nom. Haha. Sorry, I tried. Too bad Budang didn't enjoy his Roast Beef in Mushroom Sauce and Avocado Smoothie.

After dinner, we headed to the movie house. I didn't find anything spectacular in the movie, aside from Scarlet Johansson. Damn, her curves! I would die for that body. And her character is awesomely HOT too. I really am into hot chicks who kick asses. LOL. I think I sounded like a butch there. Yikes. So yeah, back to the movie. I have to say, I liked the first installment better.

The story line was somehow predictable and the conflict wasn't really hard-hitting. I mean, Tony was experiencing health problems because of the toxic caused by palladium in his body. I was expecting a moment of weakness from him. He was supposed to be dying, but I did not feel that. What, with all his partying and socializing? Nah.  Pepper was promoted as CEO. Blah. The antagonist, Ivan Vanko, delivered his part well. He gave me the nakakabwisit-at-nakakatakot-ka-tingan feel.

And just like in any movie, would you expect the protagonist to die in the movie? No. Despite the numerous robots that attacked and tried to kill Iron Man, he still survived. The love angle was too bland for my taste, too. Tony and Pepper kissed in the end, that was that. So over-all, the movie was OK. Good effects. Predictable story line. Hot babe Scarlet saves the day.

Good food, OK movie, a night with the love of my life
Happidezz ♥

Monday, May 10, 2010

Ang bilog na hugis itlog, bow.

My candidates may not win, but at least I tried to make a difference.

Today, I cast my votes for my first national election and THE first automated election. I have to say, it was smooth-sailing.  No long queues in Kapitan Moy for me and my mom, unlike my sister who endured two grueling hours just to be able to cast her vote in Concepcion Elementary School. Thanks to my trusty Auntie Beth who texted us our precinct numbers in the morning, it only took us less than 20 minutes to find our posts and vote. The only pasakit was the scorching summer heat.

This was also the first time I stepped foot in Marikina after a long time, since we moved to Caloocan. Despite the hassles [over an hour of travel, sea of sweaty and irate voters, and the heat], we were just glad we voted. We went out to exercise our right and we voted right [or so i think].

At the end of the day, I hope the winning presidential candidate delivers and succeeds in reviving the Philippines and its government. I hope he does not disappoint the people who had faith in him. I hope he impresses the people who did not believe in him and did not vote for him. As for the losers, I hope they respect the results and no longer make a scene. Lastly, I hope all the candidates clean up all the literal and figurative mess they have caused for the elections.

I thought harder, so I choose Gordon

I wish I could write one too many witticisms regarding my choice of presidential candidate, but I am really not witty, I'm really not into politics, and I'm really not that good a writer. This is my shot at explaining how I finally made up my mind on who I'm going to vote for tomorrow's presidential election. Here goes my two cents worth.

At first, I was so sure that I'm for G1BO. But then I realized, he does not deserve my vote because he is a Jejemon and I don't like Jejenese. He spells his name with a G, #1, B, and O for crying out loud!!!

LOL. That's not my real reason. That's just a spur-of-the-moment thought as I was trying to be funny. But seriously, after reading a few blogs and researching, I was enlightened. And VIOLA! My vote is now only for Gordon.

I realized that I should not get carried away by "promising" candidates. Sure, there will be tempting "promises" from them. But at the end of the day, what am I going to do with promises, right? At the end of the day, the person who has done, accomplished, and transformed things for the better is my man; our man.

The only guarantee of a person's GALING at TALINO is his track record. And if we were to carefully scrutinize the candidates' records, Gordon is the most competent of them all.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sunsets are romantic

There are two reasons why I like the sunset better than sunrise. First is that I don't  have to wake up early to get to see it. [Waking up early is not my forte.] Second, sunsets are just so romantic. While watching the magnificent ball disappear in the horizon, you want to just sit still and enjoy the sound as the waves kiss the shore. The experience would be a lot better if you're with your special one by the shore, drinking, talking about your future together, and snuggling to keep each other warm. [Super mushyyy!]

So, I went to Zambales a week ago with my friends. Though this experience can't really fall under the romantic category, I have to say it was really fun and memorable.

Sunset, fiesta, and perya at La Paz, San Narciso, Zambales were our agenda for the first day. I'll post another entry for Anawangin and Capones of Day 2.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hey, May!

Hey, May! I have good news for you. Today, I received the much-awaited phone call from my soon-to-be-school. It's just regarding the entrance exams, though. But still, it's good news for me.

What do I need to review? Rawr.
I want this. And so, I'll do good at this. Good luck, me.