Monday, May 10, 2010

Ang bilog na hugis itlog, bow.

My candidates may not win, but at least I tried to make a difference.

Today, I cast my votes for my first national election and THE first automated election. I have to say, it was smooth-sailing.  No long queues in Kapitan Moy for me and my mom, unlike my sister who endured two grueling hours just to be able to cast her vote in Concepcion Elementary School. Thanks to my trusty Auntie Beth who texted us our precinct numbers in the morning, it only took us less than 20 minutes to find our posts and vote. The only pasakit was the scorching summer heat.

This was also the first time I stepped foot in Marikina after a long time, since we moved to Caloocan. Despite the hassles [over an hour of travel, sea of sweaty and irate voters, and the heat], we were just glad we voted. We went out to exercise our right and we voted right [or so i think].

At the end of the day, I hope the winning presidential candidate delivers and succeeds in reviving the Philippines and its government. I hope he does not disappoint the people who had faith in him. I hope he impresses the people who did not believe in him and did not vote for him. As for the losers, I hope they respect the results and no longer make a scene. Lastly, I hope all the candidates clean up all the literal and figurative mess they have caused for the elections.

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