Saturday, May 29, 2010

UP, up, and away ♥

It's still semi-official, but since I'm too excited, I'm going to say it anyway. I'm going back to school!! Yey! I can't believe I passed the exam, though. I really thought my answers were ridiculous as I only made them up. But OMG, I pulled it off and I'm going to be a student again. I hope this works out. I hope to get a good schedule. I hope I won't get lazy after a while. I hope I don't get intimidated and shy.  I hope I don't screw this up. I hope I'd be able to be good at this. Yay! Now that's one accomplished item in my bucket list. *applause*

Anyway. Here's a cool poem I encountered during the entrance exam. I really had no idea about who the author was and so, I read the poem and just wrote imbento answers to the questions, trying to sound as smart as I can. Little did I know that the author is a national artist. Yikes. What can i say? I got a 3.0 in Literary Criticism back in college.

Sa Poetry
by Rolando S. Tinio 
Sa Poetry, you let things take shape.
Para bang nagpapatulo ng isperma sa tubig.
You start siyempre with memories,
‘Yung medyo malagkit, kahit mais
Na mais: love lost, dead dreams,
Rotten silences, and all
Manner of mourning basta’t murder.
Papatak ‘yan sa papel, ano. Parang pait,
Kakagat ang typewriter keys
You sit up like the mother of anxieties.
Hanggang makuha perfectly ang trick.
Worried na worried hanggang magsalakip
Ang odds and ends ng inamag mong pag-ibig.
Jigsaw puzzle, Kung minsan everything fits.
Pero sige ang Pasada ng images
At parang amateur magician kang bilib
Sa sleight-of-hand na pinapraktis:
Nagsilid ng hangin sa buslo, dumukot,
By golly, see what you’ve got-
Bouquet of African daisies,
Kabit-kabit na kerchief,
Kung suwerte pa, a couple of pigeons,
Huhulagpos, beblend sa katernong horizon,
You can’t say na kung kailan hahapon.

Since it's a Friday and a payday, I decided to treat myself for such an accomplishment [if I may call it] with a Venti White Mocha Frappe, plus foot spa and pedicure.

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