Monday, June 14, 2010


I wish I weren't a scaredy cat.

My sister and I were at Executive Optical awhile ago. We were ready to get ourselves contact lenses. I was so excited about this. I even wanted colored contacts. However, after the eye check-up, I had to try out the lenses to see if the color suits me. The coward in me outshone my excited, determined self earlier.

Hence, my sister and I left EO without my desired contacts. Kudos to my brave sister who successfully got her lenses in. I know she, too, is disappointed of me. *Tears*

Oh well. I just can't stick anything into my eyes. I don't even wear eyeliner because I'm really scared to hurt my eyes. SAD.

I'll muster courage first before I go back to EO. Goodluck, me.

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