Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Quickie: An Entry on Willing Things

The title does not connote anything sexual. It's just how I want to describe how this entry was made--quick.

• I was able to conquer my fear! I got my contact lenses the day after my sister got hers. It was just a matter of wanting something and willing to do anything to be able to achieve it. Another item checked in my bucket list--contact lenses [and better eyesight].

• Mama and I won a stand fan last Sunday, during the community bingo. Like my first item, I wanted badly to win the fan for my mama since she expressed her interest on it. I thought, it will make mama happy, so I willed to win it, and luckily, we got it. I always thought I am malas on games of chance. My will probably overpowered that kamalasan, I guess.

• I finally got back to school. I'm taking up two prerequisite courses this semester. [My work schedule only permitted two.] I am still on conditional status. I have to complete 9-12 units of core courses and maintain an average of 2.0 to become a full time MA student. I have to say, my classes and this whole new experience in general are challenging. As I am coming from a very lax undergraduate environment, being in UP is a total pressure. It's quite difficult to catch up with classmates who already have background on the course and who are English majors, to start with. Plus, it's quite tricky figuring out how to manage my time since I have a crazy workload. But then again, if I will to succeed on this undertaking, definitely, things will work out just fine. It's just a matter of adjusting and persevering. There's no room for being complacent and for the "bahala na" attitude I had back in college.

These experiences made me realize how powerful one's will is. I always hear people quoting Paulo Coelho as far as this notion is concerned--that the universe conspires in helping one achieve a dream. I think it's pretty much the same as The Secret--that the "law of attraction" is most powerful; that one has to attract positive results to be able to achieve them.


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