Thursday, July 15, 2010

In Loving Memory of Till

Today is a bad day. Till, my ever beloved and trusty mobile phone, was lost. I mindlessly left it in the pantry this afternoon. I was already out of the office when I realized that my phone's not with me. When I came back to the pantry, it was nowhere to be found. I'm not sure if it were stolen. If it was, I hope God blesses that person with overflowing graces so that he/she won't ever have to steal someone else's phone again in order to satisfy his/her financial needs. I thought the office was a safe place. This incident proved me wrong.

In a span of a year and nine months, Till and I shared a lot of memories together. He [Yes, he's a guy. He's a good substitute boyfriend. Till is short for Tilliphone.] was very patient with me. He untiringly captured my vanity photos. He documented my piano sessions and recorded the pieces I played. He dedicated his memory for my music and movies. He relentlessly played Twilight on his DivX player during the times when I was overly addicted to Edward Cullen. He stored my Twilight Saga e-books. He kept important files and documents for me. His built-in dictionary has gone a long way in helping me with my editing job. His internet kept me company during boring moments and saved me during times that I needed scholarly info. Till stayed with me during times of distress and never left me. However, today, someone took him away from me. My life will never be the same again.

I really value Till so much because he was a birthday/graduation gift from my Dad. Imagine his sentimental value. And for some reason, I managed to leave him alone that's why someone took him. I blame myself for being so absent-minded, but I won't give up unless I've done everything humanly possible to get him back. I hope the conscience of the person who took Till guides him/her to do the right thing.
To till, I'm sorry we have to be apart. But always remember that I loved you and that I won't ever forget every moment we shared. I'm gonna miss you, Till.

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