Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ink and Its Connotations

Last night, I asked my mom what she thinks about tattoos. Her blatant disapproval didn't surprise me. I just don't understand why she and others think of tattoos as negative marks. Why do they categorically conclude that inked people are bad people?

Then, Mama continued by saying inked people can't donate blood and help people in need. I argued that they actually can after a few years of having the tattoo. My RN sister can attest to that.

Having a tattoo is an item in my bucket list. I believe it's an expression of oneself. I still haven't thought of a brilliant tattoo idea, though. I want a star on my wrist, but then a lot of people have that already. My classmate in English 117 already has that. Too bad. I also want to have one after marriage so my husband and I could have complimenting emblems that would represent our love. Yes, I'm that cheesy. However, this item would have to stay in the bucket longer since I'm still living under one roof as my mom. So till then, I'll keep my skin ink-free.


  1. people have this connotation kasi that "inked people" are bad because that's how they are presented in movies pero ang cool kaya ng tattoo...but i'll stick to henna tattoos i guess.

  2. Deb, I have a huge tatt on my upper back and im getting another one done down my spine (bible verse). It's not that bad. It's awesome! The pain is only temporary but Im sure u can handle it. Besides, u really can donate blood after 12 months. when i told my parents about my tatt, they couldnt do anything about it. they actually thought it was pretty badass even tho they really didnt like the idea of me getting inked before when I asked permission. kaya go ka lang!

  3. @dimple: yep, your ambigram is badass! I'll have my tatt in time. kapag nakaisip nako ng magandang ipalagay. hehe! :)

    @madie: screw filipino movies. hindi lang naman para sa mga preso ang tattoo. hehe!


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