Sunday, August 8, 2010


Since I still haven't started reviewing, allow me to remind myself why I should force myself to study. Here are a few lines from my application letter, which I have posted some months ago in this particular entry.

"Through this degree, I believe that I will be able to surpass expectations, hone my skills, expand my knowledge, and contribute more to society. Should I be admitted, I trust that this degree will help me be more competent in my job, come up with well-edited textbooks, and therefore be a better steward of learning. This degree will enable me to contribute much to the improvement of the quality of the Filipino youth’s education."

There you go, Dez. Stop surfing the Internet and start reviewing already! You're blogging too much. Seriously, five entries in a span of eight days? Masyado kang masipag mag-update, it's not doing any good to you. Isipin mo ang kinabukasan ng mga batang gagamit ng mga librong ini-edit mo. LOL.

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  1. self-talk mode ka dyan?hehe seriously, don't force yourself if you don't feel like studying pa. Di ba nga the more you force it, the more walang papasok sa isip mo at madidistract ka lalo. Relax ka muna then focus. Go go kaya mo yan editor dez!


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