Wednesday, August 4, 2010


It's August!

Noticed my new layout? I wonder what happened to my previous layout. I really loved that one. But well, maybe it's time to move on. It's just too bad I forgot my html codes already. I can no longer remember how to keep mg BG still. Help, anyone?

Thank God for giving me a super boyfriend. I love him for always being patient and supportive and loving and understanding and generous and loving and faithful and trustworthy. My 70 months of love and hate, ups and downs, twists and turns, stress and comfort, with him are so worth it.

School is ________ [insert life-sucking adjective]. Rawr! Exams are nearing. I hope I get good grades, especially in Eng117. Lord, please help me.

I'll be more tolerant of ungrammatical people and of those with speech defects. I really felt a pang of guilt when my professor expressed her disappointment on people who mock others who do not have perfect grammar or who have difficulties in their articulations. I realized, I am not perfect myself. As a linguistics student, I should be more understanding of people's individual differences. So from here on, I'll just laugh at know-it-alls who think they're perfect with everything.

I attended a birthday party / reunion with college friends. It's fun to catch up with one another; to know that despite the changes and the unfortunate turn of events between a few of us, we still manage to settle our differences and continue to be friends. Dramas and cat fights only happen in high school. It's fun to have mature friends who understand.

I am a lucky person. I may not be the highest paid junior editor in the world, but at least I still enjoy the comforts of being taken care of my Mama and Daddy, the joys of horse-playing with my sister before sleeping, the warmth of my loving Budang's kisses and embraces, the opportunities given to me by my bosses, and the company of my friends who never leave my side.

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