Monday, September 6, 2010

Better Day #4

Day #2 is still the "most better" so far because I did not cry that day. This day does not count as better because I cried at work. My job has just become so difficult and the pressure is killing me.  Add to that the fact that I still have 3 reports to pull off in just one school subject and 2 more for the other one. But on a brighter note, a new plan came about today too, thanks to my brilliant mind. Maybe after this day, all the days will be better. I really hope so. I hope God guides me in realizing this plan. I know this is a very good move and I thank the Lord because he gave me a willing friend who could help me with all this.

UbD Plan, I'll be bigger than you.
Grammar Theories, I swear I'll comprehend you, you bitch!
You, I love you. Hay.

Should I rename my blog as "UNHAPPIDEZZ"?

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