Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Better Day #6

Today was a busy day for me. After my classes, I returned my soon-to-be-overdue books to the library, went to St. Claire in Katipunan to ask for divine intervention, met with three friends in three different dates, and arrived home with a lot of realizations about things. While in the cab on my way home, my perspectives have been changed. I embrace these changes willingly and happily because I know I'll never regret anything. I'll always be proud to say that I tried to fight hard and that I did not give up that easily. In the end, I am not at fault. It's just that my beliefs and my faith are not enough to make things work. This day ends my suffering. There are, after all, a lot to look forward to.

Divine intervention came immediately. Now, I've come to really appreciate my friends. They spared some time out of their busy schedule to comfort me and talk to me. They kept me sane through my depression. They helped me come to my senses and made me realize that I should not mope for someone who's unworthy and who was not, is not, and will never be man enough for me. From here on, he will just be a memory. He was significant in the past, but there is a reason he should no longer matter to me now.

I never thought that overcoming this might be easy. I'm now in the "acceptance" stage and I guess everything after this will be a piece of cake. I'll set my priorities straight and the pieces of my life will fall perfectly in their proper places, in favor of me. I'm lifting everything to my Lord. I know he will soon send me the man who will prove me that my beliefs and faith about love and life are still true. 

Happiness will come my way soon. I know that, I just do.


  1. stay positive:) I'm hoping and praying that you'll be back to your ownself-dignified and confident naks!hahaha seriously, the road to "recovery" is not easy since you'll have your good and bad days.just remember we're here for you pag may mga drama kang "its all coming back to me now" memories ok. we're here to support and guide you.

    embrace life and the people who give you importance:)

  2. thanks madie ;) there's no other way but FORWARD.


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