Sunday, September 12, 2010


Got the photo from here.
I miss playing my guitar. However, my guitar is not in good condition at the moment. Ondoy did not spare it from his ravage last year. Sigh.

The time I saw this guitar in SM North, my eagerness to play and sing again resurfaced. I'm not really a good player and singer, but just strumming and trying to sing are enough to give me comfort and peace. It's a me-time activity I used to love back then. Now is simply the best time to play again.

Can somebody buy me this for me on my birthday? Sob. The store is called Music for Little Mozarts and is located in the 3rd floor of SM North. Haha. I so love the stars. I wish there was a different color though--one for mature guitarists [or frustrated guitarists like me].

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