Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dear Juliet,

I wonder if there ever is/are other reader/s of this blog aside from my loyal best pal Madelaine. Wow. It'll be awesome if this blog becomes a household name like the celebrity blogs which I usually visit. But then again, I'm not popular so I guess I'll give up on that fantasy. Anyways, let me tell you how my yesterday went.

Yesterday was nakaaaliw. A friend accompanied my throughout the day. He patiently texted with me and dealt with my weirdness coolly. Somehow, he diverted my attention from my worries and uplifted my mood. I asked him for a happy song and his suggestion was just perfect. He is a really good friend. However, sometimes, you can't always trust guys. And when I find out he can't be trusted, Imma do this [see picture at the right] to him and to other malice-driven guys out there. *Note: For added effect, pretend that Jerry is a male organ.*

Yesterday was interesting, too. An author, Mr. Marco, stopped by to submit his answer key. After he left, he texted me, saying that I look “maganda” because of my short hair [or so he thought]. I’m not really good at receiving compliments, but I guess I’ll just have to believe him on this. It really feels good to be appreciated. I guess I have to accept admiring comments from people from now on. J

My day yesterday was made even more interesting by an activity I decided to do out of curiosity. I texted random numbers this question: “Have you had your heart broken? How did you cope with it?” I just wanted to know how other people dealt with their battles. I just want to know how I'm faring you know; if I'm doing this right. Plus, I might come across some unique techniques which may be applied to my life. Who knows, right?

Surprisingly, one replied. I assume this replier is a girl because of her katarayan and her assumptions. She said something insignificant like, “La na un. Naka move on na ako.” After a few exchange of texts, mainly about her curiosity as to who I am, I gave up on her. She wasn’t the person I expected and wanted to talk to. She was even speaking incomprehensible Bisaya, for crying out loud!

I was just hoping that through that activity, I’d be able to find someone with sense. That someone doesn’t really have to be a guy. I just want to speak with someone who is in the same boat as I am. You know, it just might help with the healing. Win-win on both parties. I guess, I’ll try out that activity some other time. I just wish such activities can also be successful in real life, not just in the movies. Wish me luck! J

Hoping, waiting, believing.


  1. lol i find your "activity" weird nyahaha kaw talaga hugs

  2. weird nga talaga siguro ako. I'll make that official through a blog entry. Wahaha!


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