Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dear Juliet,

I just have to vent this one out. Please bear with me. During days reigned by unwelcome fly aways and unwanted dry ends, I think that my hair looks just like Mon Confiado’s [imagine his long relaxed hair, circa 19-ekek].

Geez! Why can’t my tresses simply love me back?! WHY?!! So despite that bothersome observation, I find retreat to the truth [Yes, notice my semantic selection for TRUTH. Hahar.] that I am beautiful no matter what hairstyle I have. My angelic face will raise Mon Confiado’s hairstyle to the highest hair pedestal there ever is in this world. And in the end, it’ll be just me, my angelic face, and my hair reaping praises and rewards from the hair gods of the highest. LOL. Ok, I’ll stop now.

But can somebody just please answer this question of mine—Do you actually think this straight haired version of Mon Confiado is attractive? Forgive me. This is just me, but I really get turned off with guys who have their hair straightened. Aside from the fact na talbog ang beauty ko sa straight hair nila, it’s just way over the top, not to mention too girly as well.

Okay Mon Confiado fans, don’t kuyog me just yet. I don’t hate Mon and I know I don’t have the right to judge a person based on his hairdo preference. But please do understand that I get rattled and scared. In this day and age when hair preferences [and clothing preferences, even] no longer distinguish the respective genders from the other, I want to be identified only as a real woman and not as a confused Mon Confiado look alike.

Hoping, waiting, believing.

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