Monday, October 18, 2010

I'm a critic of myself.

Dear Juliet,

This is me in pony schmony. I've decided to just tie my hair up [like during college] from this day on. That way, di ko mapapansing maiksi sya at magugulat na lang ako na mahaba na sya ulit. Hay. I so miss my long hair. I hope it grows long fast.

Napapansin mo rin ba, Juliet? Ang pangit na talaga ng mukha ko. Sana pwede ma-maintain yung chubbiness ng face habang pinapapayat ko ang aking tummy at flabby arms and pata-ness. This thin [or so I think] face is not working for me. I'm starting to be convinced na maganda na lang ako under low light and on low-quality cameras [like Austin's VGA webcam]. Haha. You know those bad-face days when you feel you're not beautiful? These days are that.

So I've been experiencing a lot of changes lately; most of which are not really stuff to be proud of. For one, I'm starting to get sick. It's not normal for me to get down with flu. However, my body resistance has been failing lately. I guess this is a sign that I should go back to eating normally. But then, if I go back to eating normally, I'll get fat and I don't want to get fat. Huhu. But I have to work out on my eating habits. I'll make sure to find a way. Promise!

Also, my eyebags are starting to get really scary. Sadly, they have now evolved to zombie eyebags. Since I can't get rid of them right away, the only solution I could think of is to hide them under my nerdy glasses. After all, I haven't been using my contact lenses lately. But I also really, really have to find a way to fix this, especially because I'm planning on getting me a new eye color soon. Hay. I can't afford to lose my charming eyes to zombie eyebags. I just can't. LOL.

I've been too stressed out lately too, probably because of my deliberate choice to starve myself. For some unexplainable reasons, I'll just snap at my mom or my sister because of petty matters. I'm just really lucky they always understand that my days have been really hectic and that I've been under too much work and school pressure. Hay. Lucky me. I gotta love my family. ♥

Another sign of stress is that I wake in the middle of the night finding myself drooling in an OA kinda way. It's really gross but I can't help it. How can I stop myself from drooling when I'm asleep and not aware of it, right? Now how do I solve that problem?

Lastly, I think I'm now a jejegirl. Di ba Madelaine? And I'm enjoying it. Madie even called me the linguist jejemon. Right on! Jejejeje.

Hay nakhowz. I'm just glad I'm finally done with my first sem in school. At least I'll have some time to breathe now.

Smile. Breathe. Smile. Breathe.
Hoping, waiting, believing.

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  1. jejemong linguist you look young in the pic hehe...ui, basta yung deal naten ha?:D


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