Monday, November 22, 2010

Episode 01

Dear Juliet,

Please allow me to air one rant. This day simply turned into a gloomy one, just like that. I cannot understand how at one point, the energy and the giddy in me earlier in the morning was sucked by an unknown happiness thief. The dark clouds and the pouring rain made the day even sadder.

Do you experience these episodes too? When all of a sudden, without a clear reason, you get under the weather. Nothing can cheer you up, not even your favorite song or your favorite chocolate or your favorite person. Focusing on work can't even make you forget the sadness, the emptiness. 

This is one emotion/feeling I hate the most. I know there is nothing wrong with me. I wasn't even thinking of anything that can upset me. But for some weird reasons, stupid emptiness and stubborn sadness get the best in me. RAWR!

The good thing about episodes, though, is that they have endings naman. I ended this drama episode of mine by forcing myself to exercise. After Hiphop Abs, I ate crab and corn soup for dinner and then I felt better. This yummy yema from Pampanga also made me smile. I'm now writing this entry in an OK mood. Hayz. Lord, sana isang episode lang 'to. Ayaw ko na po madagdagan. Nakakasira po ng bait eh. LOL.

Hoping, waiting, believing. 
★ Happidezz

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