Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I almost surrendered.

The 2011 BDJ Power Planner has this page called "Habit Tracker" which, as the name suggests, is dedicated to forming habits. The goal is to learn to religiously do an activity in a span of 21 days and to continue doing it even after the 21-day duration. Upon achieving the goal, a reward awaits.

Inspired by this, I decided to start forming certain habits, more specifically, start doing self-improvement activities. I still have two months for 2010 which equate to two challenges!

And now, the 25-day challenge for November:
I'll reward myself with an iPod touch 4th gen or a new cellphone IF I manage to maintain my no-rice diet and my Hip-hop Abs exercise regimen in 25 consecutive days. Yup, I decided to make it 25 days, with 4 allowable "days of neglect." LOL. I'm only on day two and God, I almost surrendered.

I arrived home tired. I was really, really tempted to sleep first before proceeding to dance with Shaun T. However, I thought, Baka mapasarap ang tulog ko at di na magising. And so, determined to complete this challenge with flying colors [LOL], I changed to my exercise clothes [better known as pambahay, worn out clothes. LOL] and played the Hiphop Abs CD. 

Can I just say? HALIMAW KA, Shaun T!
I did the Hips, Buns, and  Thighs exercise of Volume 2 for 16 minutes, neglecting the part where they did the sit-ups thingy. Then, I played the Fat Burning Cardio Part 2 of Volume 3. As I saw the time allotted for that particular exercise, I thought, Kaya ko yan, ako pa! 43+ minutes lang eh!

OMG. After 25 minutes, I gave up. Wala nang energy! But that didn't really mean that I surrendered kasi all in all, I had 41 minutes of exercise. Eh wala namang nakaspecify na number of minutes of exercise sa challenge di ba? LOL. Dinaya ko pa talaga ang sarili ko. Hahahay!  Pero seriously, good enough na yung 30 minutes a day. =)

 RAWR!! I can do this! Flat abs, I'm gonna getcha! Buti na lang I managed not to eat rice. Chicken curry pa naman yung ulam namin tonight. RAWR!!!

Hoping, waiting, believing.


  1. I still don't get it why you're scrapping rice in your meal!you can have rice naman e siguro mga 10ng kutsara or 5, that's what I do every night. or stick to brown rice!

  2. eehh. mahirap iresist ang junks eh. so rice na lang ang igigive up ko. LOL ;p

  3. in fairness, cainta na yung nagregister na location mo sa feedjit ;p


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