Sunday, November 28, 2010

Out of cohesive devices

Dear Juliet,

I badly want to write something that makes sense. I want to write about school, friends, and my fun weekend. However, my mind can't produce anything coherent at the moment. So here, please bear with my bulleted thoughts.
  • I can say this semester is gonna be less intimidating, less demanding, and less draining. However this one problematic course makes me think I'm not getting the most out of my investment. It's just too bad because the course is interesting. The professor, however, is always late. Like my thoughts, her discussions are oh so directionless. Her past students even give her awful reviews. It wasn't that hard to see what these bad reviews meant after two meetings with her. Sigh. Just when I have decided to be serious about school, the professor I get is not quite as serious as I am with regard the subject. I should've gotten the terror prof of last semester instead. At least I'm sure I'd learn a lot from her.
  • I renewed my passport yesterday and I was applicant number 2224. The long wait wasn't really grueling. Good thing, I brought a book with me. During times when people were no longer fun to observe, I turn to my book. And when things are getting boring between the lovers in the book, I go back to observing people. It was really interesting. Some people are just too friendly that they don't mind meddling with what his/her seatmate is doing. They ask too many questions and share uninteresting facts about themselves. LOL. There are some, however, who are just like me--introverts. They carry on with their activities silently, not bothering the one seated right next to them. I think I like those kind of people better. Hehe.
  • It was also interesting that love might actually happen in such queues. The guy and the girl from a few seats away actually exchanged numbers. In a span of a few hours, they managed to crack jokes and to flirt with each other. I wonder if they'll end up together. I think they'll make a good couple.
  • My passport picture looks like crap. Haha. Oh well, that has become the trend with my ID pictures.
  • I went out with good friends [plus some new ones] and tried out this new place in ParaƱaque. We were celebrating Shelly's birthday and she wanted to check out Resorts World Manila. It was an awesome place, filled elites and foreigners [and some jologs like us, LOL]. We had dinner in an Italian Restaurant called Parmigiano. A celebrity was actually in the same restaurant with us. We got to take stolen shots of her. Tweety de Leon is so pretty!

    • We tried our luck at the Casino, but unfortunately, the slot machine gods didn't favor us. Haha. It was a fun experience though. There were also foreign performers who did amazing dancing. There were contortionists too! Ang galing nila. 
    • I won't forget that ass of a foreigner who hit jackpot for his five-of-a-kind combination at the poker slot machine. Since the machine was playing the jackpot music, people kind of gathered around him to see and admire the big event. The jackass discontinued playing and somehow showed his disgusto of the attention. The Filipino crowd went, "Ang yabang naman nitong gagong to. Mahold-up ka sana paglabas mo! *Insert expletives*"
        • We proceeded to Shelly's place for some libations. Lol. If I weren't too sleepy and tired, I could have drank a lot more. But the booze we had was enough to get us tipsy. Nakakatuwa si Madelaine, nangyayakap kapag lasing. LOL. I really enjoyed that part when we shared stuffs before sleeping. Funny revelations and total girl bonding! :) Happy birthday, Shelly! Thanks for the treat! :)
          Hoping, waiting, believing. 
          ★ Happidezz

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