Saturday, November 13, 2010


Dear Juliet,

These are the reasons why I hate SMARTBRO:
  1. The slow connection at home makes me want to hang out in BK with my sister. BK is wi-fi heaven. We get to download tons of movies and applications there! ♥
  2. When in BK, we'll have to spend so that we won't appear pooritas in the eyes of the madlang peeps. We have to eat, of course!
  3. Burgers and fries and sodas equate to tons of calories. Eating them often makes one FAT.
  4. I eat them often. Therefore, I am getting FAT =(
  5. That's why I hate Smartbro.
  6. BOW.
The sole reason why I love BK:
  1. Bonding with sister dear ♥

Hoping, waiting, believing. 
★ Happidezz

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