Monday, November 1, 2010

This is me being vain.

Dear Juliet,

I know this is too narcissistic, but please bear with me. I just wanted to say that today, I bade good-bye to my Mon-Confiado-like tresses. Haha! Isn't this great news? Better hair days are ahead, thanks to the buy-1-take-1 [yes, you know I'm cheap] hair treatment stuff I got from Watsons.

At first, I wasn't really expecting good results from the said products. I initially got turned off by the ungrammatical application instructions at the back of the containers. But lo and behold, after one application, my hair tidied up and looked like hair for the first time in the last two months. Haha. I am just so glad =)

Other random thoughts:
♥ Di ko mapigilan ang katakawan ko especially kapag nandito lang sa bahay. My tummy has grown big over the weekend. NOOOO! ;c

♥ I'm having problems with the courses I'm going to have this semester. I originally wanted to take 9 units. But then, oh well. Bahala na si Batman.

♥ Sana December na. I can't wait! November, please, pakibilisan lang, ha? Thanks!

♥ Next year will be my year. 2011, baby! :)

♥ Di pa rin ako inaantok! The worse part is that I'm craving for junks and San Marino Tuna Paella. Haha. I might take lambanog shots again. Para lang makatulog na at maiwasan ang pagkain ng kung anu-ano.

♥ Nababadtrip na ako sa 'yo ha? Pag ako nainis, isusubsob ko yang nguso mo sa nguso ko!!!

Hoping, waiting, believing.

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