Thursday, December 2, 2010

DEZember ♥

Dear Juliet,

I am channeling positive vibes so that this month becomes a happy month for me. So far, my first day of December didn't disappoint.

Mother dear cooked chicken cordon bleu for my baon. I found myself eating it even before our break time. Lol. I swear, mama's cooking is the shiznit! It felt like eating KFC's double down [or better]. Awyeah ;p Haha!

And then after I was done eating my baon, Ms. Letty's birthday celebration began. Palabok. Lumpiang ubod. Dinuguan. Kare-kare. Foodgasmic! Good thing, I was still able to stick with my no-rice diet. Wuhoo!

BOREDOM = Crazy doodles on my notebook
School was okay. There were classes despite the rally. My first class was really interesting--gendered speech; the societal positions of the sexes. My second class, though, well, let the picture speak of the mood I had for three grueling hours. I used to do this back in college, during our Marriage and Family class.

After school, I headed to SM Fairview to meet Mama and Meagan. While waiting for them, I saw this starry wristwatch. I immediately fell in love with it. At walang kaabog-abog ko syang binili maski wala sya sa plano. Hay. There went a part of my Christmas bonus. RAWR! Anyways, happy naman :)

And then we had this family bonding over dinner in Tong Yang. All you can eat! Sira na naman ang diet, pero no rice pa rin naman ako. Hehe! It's really fulfilling to see family members happy because of a simple dinner you paid for. Haha. Nothing beats times spent with family! Sulit na sulit ang lahat :)

Hoping, waiting, believing. 
★ Happidezz

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