Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sino ang Kadiri?

Dear Juliet,

Let me start this blog entry with a story I heard of through a college professor. This is about a famous actress who got really, really rich because her partner is a business tycoon. So one day, while she was inside an elevator with her bodyguards, a matron entered. This old woman reeked of tobacco. Irritated, the famous actress ordered her bodyguards: "Get this woman out of this elevator. Kadiri, ang baho!" Apparently, the famous actress didn't know who she was antagonizing. And so, she went pale when the old lady, with much infuriation, shouted to her own bodyguards: "Get this woman out of MY building!"

So what's my point of mentioning the story? Let me quote Jaclyn Jose's line in the movie, Naglalayag: "Ang tunay na mayaman, hindi nila pinahahalatang mayaman sila. Di tulad ng mga biglang yaman." And let me add: Di tulad ng mga social climbers sa tabi-tabi riyan. LoL!

I really understand the discomfort of the famous actress. I understand the girly attitude of pandidiri, but to speak crudely like that? That is just unacceptable and matapobre. Good thing KARMA got her right away. Boo yah, famous actress, you bitch!

Okay, now let me tell you about another crude comment I heard from somewhere. I understand how inconvenient it is to commute. What with the bad traffic in every corner of the Philippines? Every commuter like me sure will kill just to avoid the traffic jams--one way is to ride the LRT or MRT. I also understand the situation in public rail transits in this country. It's really physically harassing to ride in one since passengers are literally packed like sardines. But to say-- "Kadiri naman sumakay sa MRT kasi mga walang pinag-aralan ang mga sumasakay dun." --is just unacceptable, matapobre, and SISSY [considering that the speaker is a guy].

I don't know. I am a commuter myself, but I haven't really made such pang-aalipusta to fellow commuters.  I whine, I rant, I complain but I don't bad mouth people that way. What for? To establish my "high" socio-economic status? Ttssss! I guess that's the problem with the rich--it's difficult for them to adjust to the masses' way of living. But on second thought, maybe this speaker isn't really that rich, because if he were, he could've bought himself a car already to avoid such commuting hassles. Right? And where did the girly attitude of pandidiri come from? FUNNY!

So what's my point of mentioning the second story? There are actually a lot of lessons to learn, but I have three simple things: 

(1) Let me quote Jaclyn Jose's line in the movie, Naglalayag: "Ang tunay na mayaman, hindi nila pinahahalatang mayaman sila. Di tulad ng mga biglang yaman." And let me add: Di tulad ng mga social climbers sa tabi-tabi riyan. LoL!

(2) Do not make sissy comments if you're a guy. Because if you do, your grand macho image will become tainted and strangers like me [plus a whole lot of other people] will talk about you and laugh at you behind your back. Walk the talk, man!

(3) KARMA happens. So be good. Hehe :)

LoL! Akala nyo profound lessons, noh?

Hoping, waiting, believing. 
★ Happidezz

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  1. hahaha kadiri ka sissy you're a public commuter?eeeewwwwie haha


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