Sunday, December 5, 2010

Take a hike, man!

Dear Juliet,

Some men just don't get hints. This morning, I decided to ride a bus to Megamall so that my travel would be less tiring, considering it'll just one ride from home. As usual, I sat somewhere in the front part of the bus, beside the window. The ride made me sleepy so, I dozed for a while. When I woke, I noticed that the guy beside me was sort of secretly taking my photo using his phone camera. Irritated, I faced the window.

He tried to start a conversation with me. That's really the weird part. Most people find me mataray, thus refraining from approaching me, but this one's malakas ang loob at makapal ang mukha. He began asking stuffs about our neighborhood. Apparently, he knows some people from our place. I didn't want to be rude so I answered his questions but at the same time, I made sure to show my disinterest of the conversation. When he kept quiet, I was relieved. But then he asked, "Pwede ko ba mahingi ang number mo?" I politely declined: "Naku, 'wag na po kuya."

Those times, I was still cool about the whole situation. I was thinking that if I decline his request, he'll get the signal that I really am NOT interested and stop talking to me. But no! He started to freak me out by saying things like, Bakit? May magagalit ba? Nakikipagkaibigan lang naman ako eh. Wala naman akong masamang intensyon sa'yo. Parang awa mo na, number lang naman ang hinihingi ko eh. Sige na nga, ano na lang ang pangalan mo, miss?

Grabe, he pestered me from Quezon Avenue all the way to Ortigas. I was ignoring him, but he was so persistent, so I gave out rude remarks like, "Makulit ka rin kuya, noh?! Eh ayaw ko nga po!

Akala nya siguro madadaan ako sa kakulitan. Sorry sya, I'm a hard nut to crack. Matigas 'toNatigil lang sya dahil bababa na sya. I didn't understand his desperation. He even said while poking me with his cellphone, "Sige na naman miss, malapit na ako bumaba eh. Sige na nga, okay lang. Bababa na ako. Ingat ka na lang ha."


That was one scary and weird and annoying experience. I was alert the whole time, thinking of the right self-defense moves if ever he decides to harass me and hurt me. What is wrong with that guy?! AYAW KO NGA EH. AMP! WALANG PILITAN! AMP!

Hoping, waiting, believing. 
★ Happidezz

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