Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wicked Oreos

Dear Juliet,

Turns out this blog entry is the most popular in my blog. I hope this helps satisfy your Wicked Oreos craving! Feel free to leave a comment :)

I am not a good cook. In fact, I do not know how to cook at all. But on New Year's, I tried to prepare dessert. I did my version of Flaming Wings' Wicked Oreos. They were perfect for the occasion since they're round. And since it's my favorite, I was more than willing to prepare them for my family.

Modesty aside, my version was a whole lot better than Flaming Wings'. LoL. It must be the batter. Theirs has a distinct maruya-tasting batter, to be honest. That being said, please allow me to share my Wicked Oreos cooking prowess. LoL. Pagbigyan nyo na ako. I'm really proud of myself for having been able to do this yummy dessert. Haha!

So these are the no-sweat steps:

1. For the batter, I used ready-mixed pancake. (Choose your favorite brand, or try out Pillsbury.) I made sure the batter is thick enough to coat the Oreos. I lessened the water proportion so as not to make the batter overly runny.

2. I dipped the chilled Oreos in the batter.

3. I fried them until they're golden brown. I prefer my pancake coating a bit crispy :)

4. I served them with vanilla ice cream.


There you go folks! You've just finished reading my first attempt at recipe-slash-food-blogging. Haha! Glad I wasted your time ;p

P.S. I got the inspiration for this dessert from John, when he prepared it during our baby shower for Jade. 

Hoping, waiting, believing. 
★ Happidezz

You find yourself in the middle of NewYork city. Where do you go first?

Probably the police station to ask where the Empire State Building is. LoL! Or maybe a bookstore so I could get a map of the Big Apple. I haven't been there pa eh. Imma get lost for sure ;p

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Who is your crush? (HAHA! slum book?)

I'm crushing on a lot of people, mostly fictional characters. Some of them are: Nathan Scott, Edward Cullen, Sam Witwicky, and TYLER DURDEN--the imaginary one. LoL! For real-life people, there's my long time crush who seems uninterested. LoL!

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My kind of crazy

Dear Juliet,

I used to really, really hate Eminem. But listening to him in Rihanna's Love the Way You Lie Part 2 got me impressed and awed. I just find it amazing that he was able to put into words how "crazy" relationships could get. LoL. I don't know why I'm blogging about this, but here's the part Eminem rapped in Part 2. I so love its craziness! I also like the way he rapped it.

This morning, you wake, a sunray hits your face
smeared makeup as we lay in the wake of destruction
hush baby, speak softly, tell me you're awfully sorry
that you pushed me into the coffee table last night
so I can push you off me
try and touch me so I can scream at you not to touch me
run out the room and I'll follow you like a lost puppy
baby, without you, I'm nothing, I'm so lost, hug me
then tell me how ugly I am, but that you'll always love me
then after that, shove me, in the aftermath of the
destructive path that we're on, two psychopaths but we
know that no matter how many knives we put in each other's backs
that we'll have each other's backs, 'cause we're that lucky
together, we move mountains, let's not make mountains out of molehills,
you hit me twice, yeah, but who's countin'?
I may have hit you three times, I'm startin' to lose count
but together, we'll live forever, we found the youth fountain
our love is crazy, we're nuts, but I refused counselin'
this house is too huge, if you move out I'll burn all two thousand
square feet of it to the ground, ain't shit you can do about it
with you I'm in my f-ckin' mind, without you, I'm out it

Hoping, waiting, believing. 
★ Happidezz

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

On to the positive!

Dear Juliet,

I can't believe I can have so much hatred for one person. If hatred could kill, baka pinaglalamayan na siya ngayon. LoL!

Anyways, this blog entry is meant to bring the positivity back after my one-time hate frenzy over the weekend. You know that feeling of wanting to explode after learning that the truth you were made to believe is not the truth after all? I had that last Sunday and I just had to release that. Now, I've gotten over it and realized  that my life is still a whole lot better. Enough of the negative comments and badmouthing. I'm better than that. This blog entry ought to re-start my SPLENDID 2011.

As reflected in my blog entries and Facebook statuses in the past months, I've been really trying to stay positive, grateful, and hopeful. I plan to continue what I've started. So from here on, I'll have nothing but POSITIVITY, POSITIVITY, and POSITIVITY.

I intend to celebrate and live my life because...

I have friends who love me and want nothing but the best for me. They do not push me to cheat on anyone. They do not force me to hurt people that matter to me. Most importantly, they are good influences in my life. I don't prove my worth to them by accomplishing senseless dares, whatsoever. Instead, it is them who remind me of how beautiful I am inside and out.

I am nobody's rip off. I am pretty and definitely not fat. LoL! Yeah, I just had to say that. Mayabang ako eh. Walang paki-alaman, nakikibasa ka lang! ;p

I have values that my parents and I can be proud of. More than the riches anyone could have, this is what matters to me the most. As long as I know I am not stepping on anyone just to get myself to the top, that's good enough for me. My relationships with people are far too important to ruin just for selfish gains.

I am not a loser. Of that I'm sure. People can make me look like one, but the Lord knows the truth and it is only Him who can judge us. Karma is lurking around too. Handa ka na ba sa karma mo?

I have an exciting life ahead of me. I am young and there is nothing to rush about. I love what I have and I am happy with what I have. I am hopeful because despite what bad people have done to me, I still believe that good people exist in this earth. HIGH FIVE!

Hoping, waiting, believing. 
★ Happidezz

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Good Riddance

Dear Juliet,

Can I be evil just this once? just in this blog entry? I have a few minutes to spare to talk about my PATHETIC ex, Djhay Sebastian Fabrigas. But first things first: I am not bitter. I’m just expressing my rawest, truest, sincerest, and craziest reactions to truths I have only learned today.

I usually opt to keep everything that happened between us to myself because I didn't want others to see him as the kontrabulate. But sometimes, the truth has to come out, right? So this is me being honest. This is me being mean to the meanest, FUGLIEST monster that I’ve ever met. I don’t care what people will say. I just have to let this all out. I’m trying to “LET JUSTICE PREVAIL EVEN THOUGH THE HEAVENS FALL” here, or whatever. LoL!

An overview
I had this almost 6-year relationship with a guy I thought was sent to me from heaven. He was tall, dark, and handsome. But that was 6 years ago. He’s just tall and dark now. “Fat” would be a better substitute for “handsome.”

So I gave him my all, believed in everything he told me, and loved him for everything that he is. We claimed that our love was the greatest and that it would be us, always and forever. I believed that we were a cute couple. A lot of our friends admired us for overcoming all the hurdles that came our way. People believed in our love. My parents had faith in us and in him too.

I sacrificed a lot for him. He sacrificed a lot for me. Our relationship was really strong. We had nothing but overflowing love for each other. He even asked me to marry him. I said yes, of course. But we were too young to actually tie the knot so we postponed whatever marriage plans he had. Although we weren’t married, he was practically my husband. I supported him in his studies, in his frat duties as a junior, in his work, in his family issues, in his financial problems, in everything. I was there for him in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer. He knows that.

In short, my world revolved around him. He was good for me. I believe I was good for him too. But then somewhere sometime, he turned into a monster, chose to break my heart, and ruined my life.

In September 2010, he confessed that while I was unsuspecting and enjoying our so-called “love-filled relationship,” he had a one-night stand with a girl from law school. According to him, this one-night stand happened somewhere in JUNE 2010. Meaning to say, he was lying to my face for 2 months or so. Being the madly-in-love-girlfriend that I was, I illogically told him that I was willing to forget that one-time slip and that I am ready to forgive him. I insanely asked/begged/pleaded him to not leave me, but he gave me the “Sorry, I fell out of love” shit. He broke up with me through text, by the way. What a fucking manly way to do it, right? Bravo!

So that September was a pretty bad time for me. I lost everything. My world crumbled. And for weeks, I was depressed. My family, friends, and officemates are witnesses to how my world changed. I managed to live my life again and move on. I tried to keep good memories of him because I told myself that I should not be bitter; that he does not deserve to be judged negatively because after all, cases of guys falling out of love with their girlfriends are plausible. And so, I believed he was not at all corrupt; that he still has a good bone in his body. I tried to forget the bad things he did to me. I gave my all to resurface from that depression he caused. I tried to be a good person. But then again, being a good person won’t bring me anywhere. So let’s just talk about the harsh truths now.

1. Sure, your frat—a small-time, university-wide one—doesn’t define you. You chose to be corrupt and that’s all on you. They do not have anything to do with your moral perversion. I don’t care whether you used good or bad judgment, but hey, at least you’ve achieved the status quo you, as a social climbing piece of an ass, have always wanted. You’re now rich, famous, badass, and on top. Congratulations!

2. In December 2009, when I thought we were so in love, a girl came in between us. You made me believe that this "kerida" of yours was nothing; that nothing happened between the two of you. You even fixed that mess you did by deleting her from your phone contacts and your Facebook friends. Soon, our relationship got back to its normal, smooth-sailing path. But then again, that was just the lying bastard in you who was making me believe that you’re such a good boyfriend.

SHE was NOT nothing to you. Your dear frat mates dared you to kiss her and I bet you did more than that. It's not a surprise if she’s not the only girl you had a one-night stand with! Now, thank your frat for hooking you up with a whore [or whores, for that matter] who’s got an LLB degree. What a way to live your crap of a doctrine to be “gentlemen.” Kagaguhan yan! You’re not being gentlemen. You, especially, are not being a man. Ttsss!

3. Oh hey, you’ve had one night stands? That is so cool, real impressive, and overly macho! That fact just caused your masculinity meter to soar up high. NOT! There’s not a chance for real MANLINESS for you, bitch.

4. You told me, “There is no one else.” But that is bullshit and you know that. While I was finding my way around rebuilding my life, you were already dating someone. While I almost died crying and drinking at the same time in Gumbo, you were already in love with another woman. While I was helpless and lost, you never thought of repenting for what you did to me. While I was mourning over our breakup, you were overly happy with your new life.

I believe she’s your new girlfriend now. I just hope she knows everything about your past and has accepted that. Because if not, her trust rating of you will fall drastically and your “gains” and “conveniences” from her will go down the drain. That’ll be too bad.

Oh. By the way, with all due respect, I look way prettier than her. I always thought you had good taste. What happened? I’m not hating, just saying :)

5. Today I found out that you deleted me from your Facebook friends. I don’t know when you did that. You’re in “hidden” mode so I didn’t really notice your disappearance from my news feed. But for some weird reasons, the Universe helped me find out about it today. I have to say, that’s a funny gay move. Because after four months of my silence, you only thought of deleting me just now? That is weird. Or were you checking out my profile once in a while and got to read my blog entries? Did you get mad because of those? Well, I’m NOT sorry. You’re really a monster and a gay man to me now.

This move of yours also made way for truth to be revealed. Grabe. You made a fool and a loser out of me. I can’t imagine how you were able to do that to me. I did nothing but love you with all that I can. I’ve been nothing but faithful and loyal to you. All those times that I was trying to be the best girlfriend I can be for you, you were deliberately and unashamedly cheating on me. AND THAT WAS NOT JUST ONCE. Do you think I deserve that?

Sana pinakawalan mo na lang ako noong February 2010 when I was breaking up with you. You knew that time that I don’t deserve you, but you selfishly held on to the relationship. I really, really hope and pray to God that when you die, your soul [if you still have one] burns in hell.

DO NOT be worried about me. Even if my circle is not big enough, I’m sure there’s a man out there who will love me the way I deserve to be loved. Worry about your girlfriend and your future wife because she does not deserve to have a WORTHLESS, CHEATING, SOULLESS, SELFISH, ASS OF A PERSON like you!

Please do know that I regret mourning over our breakup. You were never deserving of my tears. You were never deserving of true love, of my love. Buti na lang hindi ka na parte ng buhay ko. BAKLA!

LoL! There you go friends, I’m done being mean. I kinda crossed boundaries there, but what the heck, I DON'T FUCKING CARE!

I will now go back to my happily-single self.

Hoping, waiting, believing.
★ Happidezz

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Dear Juliet,

We've reached 3000 views. Yehey!

Hoping, waiting, believing.
★ Happidezz

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I take it back. I'm NOT a loser. ♥

Dear Juliet,

First, allow me to congratulate myself for surviving 2010 and for coming out of it very alive, very sane, and in a very positive disposition.

Congratulations to me!
Happy 2011, everyone! ♥

It's the year of the metal rabbit--my Chinese Zodiac birth year. I know a lot of people who were born in the same year as me, so I can't claim a hundred percent that this is gonna be MY year. However, I can make sure that this year will be SPLENDID. After all, life's what you make it. Right?

So how do I achieve a SPLENDID 2011? I'm thinking of having more fun, spending more time with friends, traveling more, drinking more, and being more sociable. Ah yeah, let the merry-making begin! :)

I can't say that 2010 was a bad year. I actually learned and gained a lot from it. How so? Read on.

I never thought being single had its perks. After the breakup, I thought I'd never ever get my life back, but NO! The freedom is so liberating, I can say that I'm really enjoying my life right now. And by enjoying, that means that I don't mind "being alone" on Christmas and Valentine's Day. SMP at SMVD? C'mon! "Being alone" is just a state of mind. The most important thing is that I'm not lonely. I am happily single because I love myself, people around me love me, I believe that someone out there is destined to love me unconditionally, and that is enough for now. At this point in my life, I can say that I don't need a man to make me happy. Hayaan na muna natin maglaway ang mga kalalakihan over my kagandahan. Ha! ;p

I was also able to revive relationships I once had with friends whom I forgot to keep in touch with for the past years. I guess I was too busy with another "relationship" that I forgot about the world outside. But it's always good to know that when all else fail, friends are always there no matter what; that when the person you gave your all to becomes a monster and decides to hurt you like hell, a battalion of good souls will back you up. Thank God for friends! They kept me sane, they helped me stay strong, they made me smile, they comforted me, and they patiently listened to me during the lowest moments of my life.

Shelly, Madie, and Clara. You guys know what you did for me. Madie and Clara, alam kong ako lang ang kaisa-isahang amoy suka na friend na inyong nayakap. Thanks sa pagsundo sa akin. Hindi ko kayo makakalimutan! Shelly, thanks for bringing me to new places. HUGS, girls!
My Hallu Girls: Mimai, Joyce, Rencee, Trixie, Antot, Shine, and Noreen. Lourdes and Rochelle are abroad so they're not in the photo. Notice that Mimai's photo was just pasted. Absent kasi eh. Haha! And of course, kasama na rin sa mga blessings ang cutest inaanak kong si Jared. I love you guys! Thanks for showing up during impromptu get-togethers, for understanding my crazy plans and ideas. Salamat sa pagdamay nyo sa akin. Maaasahan talaga kayo.
Maj, you've been really one of the persons I drew strength from. Thanks for patiently reading my messages and for painstakingly replying to each one of them. I love you nets! And to the rest of the Super Family, thanks for adopting me. It was really fun hanging out with you guys. Terry, your story made me realize that my so-called "heart-break" is too easy to handle. LoL! Cheers to more bonding moments with you. Hugs!
Thanks, officemates, for putting up with me during my zombie, mataray days. I now I wasn't that easy to deal with during those times, so pasensya na at salamat. To Ms Anna, thank you SO much for keeping me sane. Thanks for the crazy, scholarly, yet helpful theories. Thanks for patiently listening. You are the best! BC is lucky to have you. I am lucky too. Hehe! My BC peeps are the best! Even my bosses helped me out. They lent me the amount I needed for Mom's hospital bill. They also found out about my failed relationship. Now, they tease me a lot because I'm sawi sa pag-ibig but lucky in raffles and in other things. I love you guys! Let's drink more! Cheers!

Friends, thank you for being there for me. When mama got hospitalized, kayo rin ang pumunta sa hospital to back me up. Without you guys, baka nasa Gumbo pa rin ako at nabubulok na sa kahihintay. If it weren't for you, hibang pa rin ako sa pag-ibig. Thanks for slapping me back to reality! LoL! The world is a better place because of you ;)

Stronger Bonds
I used to be always out all day during weekends. Now that I'm single, I'm only either bumming around at home with Mama and Meagan or out with them at SMF. I love that we now have more  family bonding moments. It feels really good to spend my hard-earned cash and my precious TIME for and with people that matter the most; people who most deserve them.

I think I spend too much time at home to the point na nasusungitan ko na sila. Mama complains, "Para ka namang principal, ang sungit-sungit mo!"

My sister is probably the most advantaged by this new life I have. Haha. I'm happy that somehow, I'm now able to give her "luxuries" I never had the chance to give her before because my world still revolved around a guy. They're not so much luxuries to the highest level. But you get what I mean--I was able to get her a new phone and give her a decent vacation. Those simple stuff. I know she needs those. At masarap naman sa pakiramdam dahil naaappreciate nya yung mga nagagawa ko for her.

These are photos from our trip to Batangas during the holidays. It was a fun experience! While on our way to Lipa, she opened up to me about things we chose not to talk about. That made me understand her better. Hayun. Though madalas kami mag-away, mahal ko pa rin si Megs. Ngayon ko talaga super naaappreciate ang kapatid ko. Love, love, love!

Just recently, my dad bought his own netbook. Kalurkey ang lolo ko. He's really active in Facebook. Now I have to be really cautious of the things I post. Haha! Well, now that Daddy is Internet literate, we have upgraded to webcalls. Voice calls are so 2010. LoL!

Say hi to my Papa Boy! :) This was him during our webcall. To me, it seems that he didn't grow old at all. Hehe! :) He was so happy and all-smiles while we were talking. Kahit wala na kaming mapag-usapan, nakatitig lang sya sa monitor nya at nakangiti. WE are really his source of joy. Kaya nga I always find time to entertain him when he's online. I know he misses us so much. We miss him too. And we look forward to the day he comes home to us. ILOVEYOU DADDY!

And a whole lot more...
I GOT: Nothing to regret. INDEPENDENCE. My tattoo. More time for myself. HOPE. Inspiration. Belief in a happy ending. A better perspective. A healthier heart [Hi ZIA!]. A new life. New suitors [Char!]. New plans. New destinations. New opportunities. More time to pamper myself. An unlimited pass to flirt with men [ehem!]. FREEDOM. A beautiful face [LoL]. A sexier body [Bahaha!]. A peaceful life. Values I can be proud of.

...and the list goes on! Haha. For now, let me end this crap of a blog entry with Meleni Smith's lyrics:

Got my dreams, got my life, got my love
Got my friends, got the sunshine above
Why am I making this hard for myself
When there's so many BEAUTIFUL reasons
I have to be HAPPY!

Hoping, waiting, believing.
★ Happidezz