Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I take it back. I'm NOT a loser. ♥

Dear Juliet,

First, allow me to congratulate myself for surviving 2010 and for coming out of it very alive, very sane, and in a very positive disposition.

Congratulations to me!
Happy 2011, everyone! ♥

It's the year of the metal rabbit--my Chinese Zodiac birth year. I know a lot of people who were born in the same year as me, so I can't claim a hundred percent that this is gonna be MY year. However, I can make sure that this year will be SPLENDID. After all, life's what you make it. Right?

So how do I achieve a SPLENDID 2011? I'm thinking of having more fun, spending more time with friends, traveling more, drinking more, and being more sociable. Ah yeah, let the merry-making begin! :)

I can't say that 2010 was a bad year. I actually learned and gained a lot from it. How so? Read on.

I never thought being single had its perks. After the breakup, I thought I'd never ever get my life back, but NO! The freedom is so liberating, I can say that I'm really enjoying my life right now. And by enjoying, that means that I don't mind "being alone" on Christmas and Valentine's Day. SMP at SMVD? C'mon! "Being alone" is just a state of mind. The most important thing is that I'm not lonely. I am happily single because I love myself, people around me love me, I believe that someone out there is destined to love me unconditionally, and that is enough for now. At this point in my life, I can say that I don't need a man to make me happy. Hayaan na muna natin maglaway ang mga kalalakihan over my kagandahan. Ha! ;p

I was also able to revive relationships I once had with friends whom I forgot to keep in touch with for the past years. I guess I was too busy with another "relationship" that I forgot about the world outside. But it's always good to know that when all else fail, friends are always there no matter what; that when the person you gave your all to becomes a monster and decides to hurt you like hell, a battalion of good souls will back you up. Thank God for friends! They kept me sane, they helped me stay strong, they made me smile, they comforted me, and they patiently listened to me during the lowest moments of my life.

Shelly, Madie, and Clara. You guys know what you did for me. Madie and Clara, alam kong ako lang ang kaisa-isahang amoy suka na friend na inyong nayakap. Thanks sa pagsundo sa akin. Hindi ko kayo makakalimutan! Shelly, thanks for bringing me to new places. HUGS, girls!
My Hallu Girls: Mimai, Joyce, Rencee, Trixie, Antot, Shine, and Noreen. Lourdes and Rochelle are abroad so they're not in the photo. Notice that Mimai's photo was just pasted. Absent kasi eh. Haha! And of course, kasama na rin sa mga blessings ang cutest inaanak kong si Jared. I love you guys! Thanks for showing up during impromptu get-togethers, for understanding my crazy plans and ideas. Salamat sa pagdamay nyo sa akin. Maaasahan talaga kayo.
Maj, you've been really one of the persons I drew strength from. Thanks for patiently reading my messages and for painstakingly replying to each one of them. I love you nets! And to the rest of the Super Family, thanks for adopting me. It was really fun hanging out with you guys. Terry, your story made me realize that my so-called "heart-break" is too easy to handle. LoL! Cheers to more bonding moments with you. Hugs!
Thanks, officemates, for putting up with me during my zombie, mataray days. I now I wasn't that easy to deal with during those times, so pasensya na at salamat. To Ms Anna, thank you SO much for keeping me sane. Thanks for the crazy, scholarly, yet helpful theories. Thanks for patiently listening. You are the best! BC is lucky to have you. I am lucky too. Hehe! My BC peeps are the best! Even my bosses helped me out. They lent me the amount I needed for Mom's hospital bill. They also found out about my failed relationship. Now, they tease me a lot because I'm sawi sa pag-ibig but lucky in raffles and in other things. I love you guys! Let's drink more! Cheers!

Friends, thank you for being there for me. When mama got hospitalized, kayo rin ang pumunta sa hospital to back me up. Without you guys, baka nasa Gumbo pa rin ako at nabubulok na sa kahihintay. If it weren't for you, hibang pa rin ako sa pag-ibig. Thanks for slapping me back to reality! LoL! The world is a better place because of you ;)

Stronger Bonds
I used to be always out all day during weekends. Now that I'm single, I'm only either bumming around at home with Mama and Meagan or out with them at SMF. I love that we now have more  family bonding moments. It feels really good to spend my hard-earned cash and my precious TIME for and with people that matter the most; people who most deserve them.

I think I spend too much time at home to the point na nasusungitan ko na sila. Mama complains, "Para ka namang principal, ang sungit-sungit mo!"

My sister is probably the most advantaged by this new life I have. Haha. I'm happy that somehow, I'm now able to give her "luxuries" I never had the chance to give her before because my world still revolved around a guy. They're not so much luxuries to the highest level. But you get what I mean--I was able to get her a new phone and give her a decent vacation. Those simple stuff. I know she needs those. At masarap naman sa pakiramdam dahil naaappreciate nya yung mga nagagawa ko for her.

These are photos from our trip to Batangas during the holidays. It was a fun experience! While on our way to Lipa, she opened up to me about things we chose not to talk about. That made me understand her better. Hayun. Though madalas kami mag-away, mahal ko pa rin si Megs. Ngayon ko talaga super naaappreciate ang kapatid ko. Love, love, love!

Just recently, my dad bought his own netbook. Kalurkey ang lolo ko. He's really active in Facebook. Now I have to be really cautious of the things I post. Haha! Well, now that Daddy is Internet literate, we have upgraded to webcalls. Voice calls are so 2010. LoL!

Say hi to my Papa Boy! :) This was him during our webcall. To me, it seems that he didn't grow old at all. Hehe! :) He was so happy and all-smiles while we were talking. Kahit wala na kaming mapag-usapan, nakatitig lang sya sa monitor nya at nakangiti. WE are really his source of joy. Kaya nga I always find time to entertain him when he's online. I know he misses us so much. We miss him too. And we look forward to the day he comes home to us. ILOVEYOU DADDY!

And a whole lot more...
I GOT: Nothing to regret. INDEPENDENCE. My tattoo. More time for myself. HOPE. Inspiration. Belief in a happy ending. A better perspective. A healthier heart [Hi ZIA!]. A new life. New suitors [Char!]. New plans. New destinations. New opportunities. More time to pamper myself. An unlimited pass to flirt with men [ehem!]. FREEDOM. A beautiful face [LoL]. A sexier body [Bahaha!]. A peaceful life. Values I can be proud of.

...and the list goes on! Haha. For now, let me end this crap of a blog entry with Meleni Smith's lyrics:

Got my dreams, got my life, got my love
Got my friends, got the sunshine above
Why am I making this hard for myself
When there's so many BEAUTIFUL reasons
I have to be HAPPY!

Hoping, waiting, believing.
★ Happidezz

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  1. can't find the right word (reaction) to check --inspiring. these people above might have helped you through the year but you also inspire them to be better person. it might not be that obvious but I have always admire you not only as my friend but a person who goes many steps above from one fall. i love you 'ny! you know that! imissyou!


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