Tuesday, January 11, 2011

On to the positive!

Dear Juliet,

I can't believe I can have so much hatred for one person. If hatred could kill, baka pinaglalamayan na siya ngayon. LoL!

Anyways, this blog entry is meant to bring the positivity back after my one-time hate frenzy over the weekend. You know that feeling of wanting to explode after learning that the truth you were made to believe is not the truth after all? I had that last Sunday and I just had to release that. Now, I've gotten over it and realized  that my life is still a whole lot better. Enough of the negative comments and badmouthing. I'm better than that. This blog entry ought to re-start my SPLENDID 2011.

As reflected in my blog entries and Facebook statuses in the past months, I've been really trying to stay positive, grateful, and hopeful. I plan to continue what I've started. So from here on, I'll have nothing but POSITIVITY, POSITIVITY, and POSITIVITY.

I intend to celebrate and live my life because...

I have friends who love me and want nothing but the best for me. They do not push me to cheat on anyone. They do not force me to hurt people that matter to me. Most importantly, they are good influences in my life. I don't prove my worth to them by accomplishing senseless dares, whatsoever. Instead, it is them who remind me of how beautiful I am inside and out.

I am nobody's rip off. I am pretty and definitely not fat. LoL! Yeah, I just had to say that. Mayabang ako eh. Walang paki-alaman, nakikibasa ka lang! ;p

I have values that my parents and I can be proud of. More than the riches anyone could have, this is what matters to me the most. As long as I know I am not stepping on anyone just to get myself to the top, that's good enough for me. My relationships with people are far too important to ruin just for selfish gains.

I am not a loser. Of that I'm sure. People can make me look like one, but the Lord knows the truth and it is only Him who can judge us. Karma is lurking around too. Handa ka na ba sa karma mo?

I have an exciting life ahead of me. I am young and there is nothing to rush about. I love what I have and I am happy with what I have. I am hopeful because despite what bad people have done to me, I still believe that good people exist in this earth. HIGH FIVE!

Hoping, waiting, believing. 
★ Happidezz

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